India’s broken dreams

corrupt policemen, corruption

To the heroes,
Whom we compared to superman & batman
Have now become just a number; ZERO.
You got it right;
Police officers are our context of sight.

As a kid I dreamt of being an IPS officer;
with the stars of my shoulders
& head held high to serve my country;
But little did I know
This profession is power & money hungry.

Do I still want to become an IPS officer?
Do I still want to be associated with;
The ones who kill innocents
The ones who take their uniform for granted
The ones who torture people for their ego?
The ones whom the world needs protection from
Rather than thinking of them as the protectors?

The answer is no
And it will never change;
Because promotions, power & money
Have made this profession a means of corruption;
Which has spread like an infection
& is likely never to be anyone’s ambition.

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