How To Make Yourself Hard!

Guys guys, I’m not writing an article on how to get satisfied sexually or reach an orgasm, remove those hands off your pants! Don’t get excited in that way, but get excited differently because the article may turn you on differently 😉. Wait! no kinky stuff! 

In this article, let us learn how to make ourselves hard as a rock so that we don’t get emotional or have feelings. Who wants emotions? Only the weak! We have to be strong and hard! Lets us learn how to be hard.

Don’t Be Sad: Yes, it is that simple! Don’t be sad; being sad makes you weak. Be stern, no matter what happens, don’t let your sadness come out. You may have suffered a breakup, didn’t get the promotion you are looking for, fought with a friend, family issues, or it may be anything don’t be sad.

Even if the issue is out of your hand, don’t feel sad or cry. Just say I’m hard who cares for this shit and move on. If you want to be hard as a rock, you need to live these things. 

Keep Everything Inside: Yes! This is important. Don’t share your feelings with anyone and let everything be inside of you. Let everything contaminate and blow your brain out, but don’t share your feelings, opinions or anything with anyone.

If you share, you will become weak. You need to keep everything inside, suffer for yourself, feel happy for yourself or sad for yourself. You should not share and keep everything inside.

Don’t Avoid Fights:  Never back down or avoid a fight, if possible, ignite conflicts and fight the fuck out. Be a macho and fight for everything imaginable. By this, you will get a firm, and people around you will be scared of you.

By initiating fights you are considered the hardest and ruthless, if you break jaws and bones, you are a gangster. Who is more rigid than a gangster? No one. So pick up or initiate fights you will become harder.

Be Aggressive: You might have listened to songs or read quotes on being like an unleashed dog or a wild animal; the true nature of them is aggressive. So get that aggression, be as aggressive as possible. Break things, have arguments be intimidating.

By this, you can be ruthless and very hard. It helps you create a fierce and aggressive environment around you. This possession of power makes you feel dominating, and you become hard.

In the end, if you attain the qualities above, you will become hard as a rock, the macho man and if possible a gangster. How cool is it? Very cool, like you will have people around you, saluting and cheering you but in fear of course but who cares? You are hard, aren’t you?

Let us roll back for a moment and think when we are born as humans, why the fuck should we be hard as a rock or have no feelings? A human who is free to express his feelings and thoughts when needed is the real hardest person ever! Not the one who keeps fighting or is serious or aggressive. So be the real hard person and let your emotions flow.

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