Hey Giver, Time to give yourself!

selfcare, be happy, love yourself

To the giver in you
To all the times you let your self-esteem sit back
To all the times you said;
‘It’s them before me’ & saved them from any attack
And lastly,
To all the times you thought you were at fault
Oh darling, sadly;
None understand kindness comes by default.

So stop there!
Take a deep breath;
For they will take you for a weak head;
So gulp that strong sip of pride;
Because you got nothing to hide.

Take the tide of thoughts
& channelize them into self-care;
For its only you for you
Even when you are a part of a whole big crew.

Set your boundaries;
Say no if you are not comfortable
For they will anyway give you labels.
Get over that unworthy, disrespectful relationship;
And give your self-esteem a good grip.

Dance your worries away;
Drink up that wine
Because you got to shine;
For there’s nothing more prime
Than being happy & loving yourself!

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