For the ones, we lost to corona

father and son

You had promised me;
Another bedtime story for the following day.
That day morning I rushed to your room;
For our morning hug
But I found you lying on the rug.

Amma was crying but why?
You always taught me;
Never to lie.
So why didn’t you keep up your promise, baba?
Now, what will this Simba do without his Mufasa?

The nights have no warmth anymore;
I still keep staring at your door.
Amma is keeping herself strong for me;
For us; it feels like a bad dream;
But every time we wake up, the same reality hits.

You were doing so well
I thought the virus would soon go to hell.
But clearly, it had other plans;
For, now it has taken you to a new clan;
And I will never be able to reach you from where I stand.

I will forever be angry with you for this demise;
But who can be angry with you for long?
The memory of your sparkly eyes;
Will bring a smile to anyone’s face;
But for your presence, this heart will forever ache.

All the suffering you were going through;
All the times you hid it behind your laugh;
I know sometimes it was getting tough.
I know you are in a much better place now;
But this void feeling hits me like a blow.

Baba, I’m waiting for the day we reunite;
There are so many unopened boxes of ice creams;
so many untold stories for the night.
You were my strength, power & energy;
I will forever crave for our synergy.

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