When The Dream Is Better Than Reality.

man wearing black headset

“Yes sir, I’m glad that you liked the interface, I will even send the source code if you want. No sir I don’t expect you to code, I just want to make sure you get everything. Sir, please! Don’t abuse, I’m sorry. Yes without you we are nothing. Thank you sir. Please do contact us again.” Says Varun and hangs up the phone.

Varun sighs raise his eyes and are about to drop a tear. He then wipes his eyes, goes to the washroom, cleans his face, comes back to his desk and sits there. The clock strikes 06:00 AM it is his log out. He packs everything and heads home by 07:00 AM. He has a grumpy face, and his mother sees him. 

He smiles, goes to his room and sits on his bed. He thinks for some time, changes his clothes and lies in bed. Suddenly there comes a magical fairy to him. It looks at Varun and says

Fairy: Hey, Pal! Why so, Grumpy? Bad days happen in life, Chin up, mate! Here hold my hand and let’s go to my realm. 

Varun smiles and holds its hand. They travel to an interdimensional paradigm. Small creatures were flying, and giants were walking, but most importantly, everyone is looking at Varun and smiling. Varun feels very happy and keeps going. They reach a place where a warrior-like figure was sitting on a throne and stands up when he sees Varun. He smiles at Varun and says,

Warrior: Hey, buddy! Welcome to our mysterious place! My name is Rumano. Everyone is happy in this part of the realm, and I heard that you are having a rough day. Enjoy your stay and forget about everything. 

Varun accepts it and starts walking around the city. People greet him and get the best food and the best aisle on the place. Varun feels delighted, and after a lavish meal, he keeps walking. He goes to a theme park where there are fancy rides. They give him a free entry and all rides free pass. One ride attracts him the Most named “The ride to the moon” he goes there and gets in the cart.

The cart starts at very high speed and takes off. It slowly leaves the earth’s surface and enters the space. The site is lovely to look at, the stars the asteroids everything is filled with magic and floating in the beauty of the cosmos. Varun couldn’t believe what is unfolding in front of his eyes. He feels very soothed and gets emotional. Suddenly there is a sound of the alarm, and Varun wakes up.

It is a dream! Varun feels sad and looks at the time, and it is 5 in the evening. He rubs his eyes and goes to freshen up. His parents are sitting in the living room watching tv and having tea. His fathers see Varun and ask what is wrong with him regarding his mood. Varun says it is his job and wants to quit and become a writer. Varun reads books all the time and has also written a few stories.

 His father becomes furious and abuses Varun in the worst way possible. No son wants to hear that in his life. He says “Why are you born to us?”, “Why are you living?” “Arent other kids working?” “Are you special?” “Do you want to live a low-class life?” “We failed as parents.” “Go get ready to work and stop this non sense.” Varun gets emotional and leaves the room. After some time, he gets ready to work.

He reaches his office, logs in and starts working. Few hours pass by, and one of his colleague named Ganesh comes to him and speaks.

Ganesh: Hey bro, Shall we go for a break?

Varun: Sure bro, I have one email to send, it will be complete in five minutes, and then we shall go. Have a seat.

Ganesh: Wow, bro! Your email and inbox look very organised. No wonder you won the employee of the year award. 

Varun: Thanks, bro! 

Ganesh: You are the man bro! You got everything best working skills, pleasant relations in the organisation. Once you become the Team Manager, don’t forget us. 

Varun: Lol nothing like that bro, we all are colleagues, and we should support each other.

Ganesh: Come on, bro! Be open; why hide your happiness?

Ganesh keeps pushing, and Varun loses it.

Varun: You want me to be open, sure I will be open. Have you ever heard of “Solomon Islands”?

Ganesh: You will read books bro, I’m just a normal worker, what is that place?

Varun: If you didn’t hear about them, just say you didn’t stop fucking patronising. There is a story in the Solomon Islands when the villagers want to bring down a tree they don’t chop it with an axe, all the villagers surround the tree and start cussing it. As the days pass, the tree couldn’t take the cusses anymore and dies itself. Something similar is happening in my life.

Ganesh: What happened bro? I don’t understand?

Varun: I get abused by so-called “Clients”, yesterday when I asked if he needs a code, he abused me. It is not only the story of yesterday it is every day. Some guy calls to abuse, if we report it they say you don’t take it to heart. Are we not humans? Why the fuck should I take a hit from a random guy? 

Ganesh:  We shouldn’t take it personally bro, we should go home and spend time with family everything becomes light.

Varun:  Yeah let me come to that, after finishing work, I go home and get the stares of failure like you don’t let me follow my passion on the top of that you abuse me when I want to follow my dreams. Have you seen me smile for the past two years in the office? That is because I don’t. The only time I smile is talking to my friends, or in my dreams, nowadays I’m getting fantasy dreams. I wish I would never wake up from those. My father sees me reading books daily; he never asks, do you like it and wants to follow that route? Why I’m I reading them then? I’m not saying this to get your sympathy or something, I’m just describing a day of my life.

In the meantime Varun’s office phone rings, he lifts and speaks.

Varun: “Hello, thanks for calling, sir. How can I assist you?”

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