Web Series worth a try in Lockdown

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I know that many of us are feeling bored in your free time during the lockdown. I know that many of you completed many web series. Might you be facing trouble in choosing the series, right? These are my suggestions for you.



Genre- Drama, Thriller Where to Watch- Netflix, Amazon Prime

Suits is the American web series which is filled with drama, bromance, romance and more about the powerplay. A lawyer hires a junior lawyer as his assistant, but he is a fraud. every episode turns out to be a new challenge and how the lead tackles the challenge is an interesting thing to watch



Genre- Sci-fi, Thriller Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

Just imagine a group of geniuses become a team that tackles the problems of the world. The fun part is that even though there IQ is high, but EQ is low. Do you want to find what EQ is? Watch Scorpion. People who love brain teasers this is one of the best I have watched. Give it a try.


upload series

Genre- Sci-fi, Comedy Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

I don’t know why this webseries has not gained popularity. The picturization of the future in this series is extraordinary. You can see how artificial intelligence can be advanced in human life. In a single word, it’s all about ” Life after death”. I am eagerly waiting for the next season.


jamtara series

Genre- Crime, Action Where to Watch- Netflix

Most underrated Indian web series. It’s based on real crime incidents. It’s all about how few youngsters from a remote village can deceive the people and get money. Raw and different. actors in the series nailed their roles



Genre- Comedy, Drama Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

In my opinion, i think panchayath got popularity but not as expected. A very feel-good series. Director portrayed the life of remote villages in India and administrative problems in a humorous way. Indian ace web series actor Jitender Kumar played the lead. ” jeetu bhaiya key liye toh ek baar bantha hai.”
{If you want to know about jeetu bhaiya, search about jeetu bhaiya motivational speech in youtube)


house of cards series

Genre- Drama, Thriller Where to Watch- Amazon Prime

Let me admit frankly, I have seen the series in bits. But I can say it’s about the lady power. a lady will come into power after his husband death and game of political chairs for power begins. Worth a try

"Please give a try and comment your opinion below"

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