are we killing ourselves with our lifestyle?

sedentary lifestyle
couch potato

There was a time where we used to hunt the animals, walk miles and stay without food for in those days effected humankind and nature in the right way. You also might have heard that our ancestors used to manual grind all the curry powders. They were in joint families with big houses. I need not remind you of chores.

In India, out of 3 people, one person is prone to diabetes. The biggest reason for diabetes is the sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. In India, 1 out of 2 women is prone to low bone density.

“Sitting is new smoking”

Have you heard about the quote “sitting is new smoking”? sitting in a chair can cause many diseases related to spine and heart. Question yourself ” How many days has it been without playing sports.” The biggest crime we are doing is we are habituating the kids ( below ten years) with mobile phones. Unfortunately we are forcing the future generation in the meaning less run chase of the world .

People are mending into a mindset where they are seeking approval for happiness. you cant be happy unless the picture of yours cant have expected likes.

Do we have a solution? Yes, we have.

  • I don’t know how sports has been emitted out from our lifestyle. Please don’t give mobile phones to kids to play. Spend your time with kids play with them. You may need to go for a boring walk. Outdoor sports should be habituated at the age of 7-10 years; then their body helps to grow.
  • Tell your maid to come for half of the month. Share the chores with your partner for half of the month. See how your romance blossoms.
  • Don’t sit on couches at home. Sit on the floor in any yoga asana, which is comfortable for you. 
  • Instead of going to restaurants and movies on weekends, Plan a picnic for mountain hiking or swimming. 

Choices makes charecter

At last, all I can say ” its all about choices we make”. Our lifestyle shouldn’t be defined by the materialistic possessions and bank balance. It’s time to think what better can be given to our future generations else money.

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