Rape: Now Just A Statistic!

man and woman holding hands

   India is a country of 1.38 Billion people which equals to 17.7% of the world’s population. Approximately 1/5th world population lives in India, as the population is vast, the laws and awareness of the situations must be very high so that everyone can enjoy their freedom. But are we doing the same? I don’t think so.

   We know all the statistics on the number of rapes that happen in an hour, a day etc., It is bizarre that it has just become just a statistic. People always asked how many rapes happened? when did rape happen? Have they ever gave a thought on how did rape happen? What caused it? And went to the roots of it? Nope.

   Let us try to understand real yet dangerous statistics. There are many surveys conducted by various websites, news channels and many other forms. The data says that came to limelight is very shocking. Many of the men think that girls invite rape by:

1. Wearing short clothes.

2. Working late at night.

3.  Hanging out with her male friends.

4. Partying late nights. 

   The above four and other related reasons topped in their survey’s, and the actual reason never even showed up. If I had a dollar for every time I see a man say or comment rape is “invited, I would buy a dictionary and throw that on his fucking face and ask him to check the definition of “Consent” and “rape.” 

   If anyone thinks the reason for rape is from the above four reasons, he is a potential rapist. He may not rape, but he has the same thinking of a rapist. If clothing is the reason, some rapes occurred on five months old kids and to even 90 old years women. If late nights are the reason, there are many countries in which women move freely at any hour of the night. The only cause of rape is the man’s mentality to rape. There is no other reason than that; it is the man’s fault.

   Recently in Uttar Pradesh (A state of India), four rape incidents came to light in two days. In those four cases, two of the girls were minors. In those four a girl is brutally gang-raped by four men. They slit her tongue, broke her spine and horrendously murdered her. In the other three girls, one is dead, and the other two are in hospital seeking treatment.

   I wanted to know how people were fighting this and went through the comment section of news channels pages which posted this news. They stuck an immense fear in me. Most of them are arguing like why are you blaming my state? Why are you accusing my religion? These happen in other regions and religions as well, post about them and other shitty comments. I don’t know how these people call themselves humans.

   No one is bothered that a girl who has never seen life, has lost her life. Everyone is busy defending their religion and region. News channels are doing circus with celebrities as some celebrities are involved in a drug case, and NCB is investigating the same. Frankly, we are the reason why news channels are like this. They get all types of orgasms on gossip on celebrity news. 

   No one cared to spread the awareness of rape while the poor Manisha was on her death bed battling for life. They have lost all kinds of respect as journalists and reporters, especially during the pandemic where they are doing useless circus since June. They have nothing left to lose, so they keep looping the useless debates and gain TRP.

   So what can we do to tackle this problem? India is the second most populated country in the world, so if you think sex is a “taboo”, sorry to burst your bubble, it is not. We have the highest population density per square Kilometre in the world, so let us come back to reality. We should give sexual education to children as early as possible. The faster they get educated, the better.

   Men who think rape is “consensual act” should be counselled by psychologists. When a rape occurs, the criminal must be on media, and psychologists should do a psycho-therapy session on them, and people should watch it. By listening to the thoughts of the rapist, we can identify the potential criminals around us and send them to counselling. 

   Everyone says there must be strict laws on the rapists they must get severe punishments. They are right; the law must be strong so that the victims get justice. But we need to create a system where there is no crime committed. No matter how strong the law is, these kinds of crimes keep happening. So if we attack the grass-root level and change the mindsets of the people, we don’t need strong laws as people will be aware and there will be less or no crimes. 

   Instead of “Beti Bachao” (save the girl child) it should be “Beta Padao.” (educate the boy child). A girl doesn’t need any protection or special laws, and they never demanded it. All they ask is not to give an animal look when they are walking down the street and not to behave like monsters when they mind their own business. We should never say to a girl not to go alone, but we should tell the boys that not to stare at them, tease them or behave like a lunatic.

  In the end, stop blaming the victim when such hideous crimes occur. It is never the women’s fault when rape occurs. It is always the men’s fault. Let us hope that the mentality of all the men changes one day and these ghastly crimes come to an end. 

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