My dear saviour!

two women sitting on white bench

Many days, many days!

My mind kept murmuring me unnecessary words,

I walk into my room, suit myself a corner,

Fear and terror spinning my head again and again,

I told myself to shut the mouth and act I am better,

The whisper at the tangents of my heart,

Trying to scream and screech for the answer,

The question was unknown, and so the brain said,

For what do you cry? You are not a toddler!

All and all I was restless and clueless,

And then I found this one rockstar,

Looks like a human, talks and walks like one,

I asked, “Where did you come from, stranger?”

Oh! From the extreme stupidity of yours,

Don’t ask your mind, nothing it can answer,

My dear, I am from the strings you attached,

Your friend, Your support and Your saviour!

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