Unheard Voice Of A Real Man’s Heart.

photo of man leaning on wooden table

A human being should experience all the emotions,

It should have laughter, sadness and all expressions.

But we men are told not to have sadness,

As we are machos, we do not get tears.

But we are always told ” Hey chin up! You are a man.”

We have an inner child who is yelling for care,

But the ears that hear the cry are nowhere.

They say family is the place to go if the day is bad,

If the same family understood me, I would never be sad.

But we are always told, ” Hey, Crying is a girl’s thing.”

I was always told to work and earn money,

I dance to the strings of corporate like a bunny,

The sight of that is never cute,

Due to that, I have become mute.

But we are always told.” We should not share the sadness with anyone, not even closed ones.”

Even we have things that we fear,

We will never find the ears that want to hear.

Even we are scared to sit and think in the oblivion of night,

There is no one to hold our hand and take us to the beauty of light

But we are always told ” Hey go out and do some work, you are a man.”

From the vacant call logs to empty messages,

From Ignored texts to broken hearts.

I laugh by watching stand-ups,

I feel the moment by listening to songs.

I have eliminated all my emotions with a swipe,

Because I don’t have any more tears to wipe.

If you are a man as above, be proud, not because of your manhood,

But because you have faced all the obstacles and evolved.

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