The Birthday Surprise! (Part Two)

Murthy’s eyes are covered and couldn’t see anything, and feels that his body is moving in the air, someone is carrying him. He tries to fight back, but he couldn’t because he is tied. He is terrified and couldn’t understand what is happening and yells “help!” “Who are you?”.

There are devil laughs around him, people laughing and giggling. Murthy is confused and terrified at the same time. He doesn’t know what to do. After some time, Murthy feels that is his body is floating, and someone is kicking him. After a few kicks, he is on the floor, and everyone is yelling happy birthday.

Murthy feels weird on this. He was not comfortable with that carrying. Murthy asks “why did you all capture and kick me?”, all the people yelled “birthday bumps”. Murthy says he didn’t like it and they call him lousy bitch as they are men.

They finally settle down, open the bottles and start drinking. They keep on drinking and start talking about random things. Harish and Murthy are having a conversation, and here is how it goes.

Harish: Dude, I see the widest smile on your face today, what is happening?

Murthy: I just met a girl today. She was awesome! We are meeting again tomorrow, and I’m very excited about that. 

Harish: That is great to hear! I’m very happy for you. So what did you guys talk?

Murthy: General talk, It may sound cliche, but I only remember the moment more than the conversation. 

Harish:  That is awesome to hear. Finally, you found someone. I’m happy for you. What is her name? How does she look?

Murthy: Her name is Nethra, there is a theory which states it isn’t easy to describe the ones you love ( I see the smile on your face reader ^_^ ). So whenever I try to describe her, I can only remember the moment. 

Harish: I hear you brother. Finally, you are not my problem any more.

Murthy: Don’t say that, I will always be your problem brother. 

They get emotional and hug each other and continue talking.

Harish: So what did you talk about when I called you.

Murthy: She was telling something weird about a guy named Aman. He wants to harm someone for ruining his career. I remember this because this is the only odd one out of the beautiful moment we had.

Harish looks at his phone texts something, and they keep drinking and talking. They are very drunk and settle down. They are unable to speak words properly and are slurring and laughing. Murthy is having one of the best days. Suddenly there is a noise at the front door, and someone comes in. Murthy goes to the door and answers it.

A man with a good physique is at the door, he looks at Murthy and has an evil smile. He puts one hand on his shoulder and drags him in. Murthy couldn’t see his face clearly and is confused about what is happening with him. He thinks it is a prank and says “come on guys no more tricks.”

This time it is extreme, Murthy is on the ground, and the guy is dragging him vigorously. He senses there is something wrong. He pulls Murthy to the point where Harish is sitting. Murthy looks at Harish with the look of help. Harish is just sitting there and watching the scene.

The guy pulls Murthy up and catches his collar and slaps him. Murthy is shaken to the core and unable to move or couldn’t understand anything and looks at the person and tries to identify the person and speaks,

Murthy: Sii… Siddarth?

Guy: Aman Aman Siddarth, the one who got his career ruined because of you. 

Murthy: Wha… What? What did I do?

Aman: You bastard! You ruined my career. You told everyone I molested you in a personal podcast and uploaded it.

Murthy: But you did, and I also changed the names because I was scared of you.

Aman: You dumb fuck! You described the method as it is, and I’m caught me doing it for a few of the guys in my company! Few escaped and did research. They found the podcast, and they fired me! They threatened to raise a criminal case. 

Murthy: But you did spoil a few lives, you deserve this, why are you assaulting me?

Aman: Sorry to burst your bubble, but after all this, if you still think I have empathy or morals, you are not thinking straight. Because of you, I’m in debt. I’m going to smash you to the pulp. 

Aman showed his rage. He smashed Murthy inch by inch and beat him to an almost death. He is bleeding from the head, knees, elbows, etc., Murthy cannot move now and is crying in pain and looks at Harish with confusion. Harish looks and says.

Harish: Yes, you are no longer my problem, and no one likes a whiny bitch. Now enjoy your cry baby life as we are leaving you alive. Here is your phone, call anyone you want and get the fuck out of here.

By saying this Harish and others leave the place, Murthy is lying there, and after some time he goes unconscious. After two days some workers around the area find him calls an ambulance and rescues him. Poor Nethra till date doesn’t know why didn’t Murthy show up for the date the next day.

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