The Birthday Surprise! (Part One)

happy b day balloon wall decors

In the modern world where people talk by Instagram stories and share by WhatsApp and Facebook status, Murthy is a guy who prefers to communicate personally and listen to stories. The consequence of this is he is alone, and no one talks to him. He is the king of his universe.

It was midnight on his birthday, and he was expecting calls and messages and was very excited about it. An hour goes by, and no one calls or texts him the wishes. After a couple of hours, his phone chimes, and he gets very excited.

He unlocks the phone, and it is his google assistant wishing happy birthday. Murthy is very disappointed and is out of words. After a couple more hours, his phone chimes again. This time it is an email from Myntra wishing him on the birthday. Murthy is now devastated. After some time, his family greets him, and he goes to sleep.

He wakes up around 1 pm, and Murthy is very hungry. He goes online to reserve a lunch table and couldn’t find any as it is a Saturday. He takes his car out and goes to a nearby restaurant. The place is crawling with people, and the tables are full. Murthy finds a single spot on a two-seater table. 

On the other side of the table, a girl was sitting already and was busy scrolling through her phone. Murthy is stunned by looking at her. She is the epitome of beauty, and her smile glowed like the brightest star in the cosmos, she raises one eye to see who sat in front of her, and Murthy is awestruck.

The girl looks at Murthy and makes a sign asking what does he want. Murthy stutters and makes a sign asking if the chair was empty and wanted to sit. The girl makes a sign asking him to sit and goes back to her phone. Murthy couldn’t take his looks out of her. She looks at Murthy and speaks.

Girl:  Try looking at the menu, man! It helps you order.

Murthy startles for a moment and speaks.

Murthy:  Sor… sorry! You are magnificent, its been days I’ve seen such beauty, so I had to stare. My name is Murthy, by the way.

The girl blushes a bit and continues.

Girl: Good for you! I expected some cliche pickup line, but it was honest, and I like that. 

Murthy: I’m sure you have heard all the pickup lines in the world, at the level of reality, you are a human I’m a human, why not speak at that level. Care to share your name?

Girl:  You are right, and that is a good thought. My name is Nethra. 

Murthy: Nice to meet you, Nethra. The place is very crowded.

Nethra: I didn’t notice captain obvious! What were you expecting on a Saturday?

Murthy: Looks like the beauty has brains of sarcasm, good to know.

Murthy’s phone rings, and it’s his aunt calling him, and he answers it. His aunt and family wish him. He keeps saying thank you, thank you, and talks for some time. Nethra notices the same and asks.

Nethra: So many thank you’s, what is the event?

Murthy: Yeah, the only day my phone rings a bit, and I talk, it is my birthday.

Nethra: Oh my! It’s your birthday, and you are alone in a restaurant? That is sad. You must be that one corporate guy who acts as the thread dangles in the air.

Murthy: You are right, but I’m trying to get out of that, like what I do, you know.

Nethra: That’s good to hear. Anyways happy birthday! Why don’t we celebrate your birthday?

Murthy:  Thank you! Sure lets order lunch and have a small party.

They order all the specials have a fantastic lunch. They talk about all the things, laugh, and share a lot of things. It was an adorable sight for anyone to watch. They order desert and continue talking. In the meantime, Nethra’s phone chimes, she reads something of it, and her facial expression changes to a bit grumpy. Murthy notices it and asks.

Murthy: Is everything okay? What was the text?

Nethra: It is nothing. Forget it.

Murthy: Come on, you can share no problem.

Nethra: Okay, I will tell you something, if you find it weird, stop me and you shouldn’t tell anyone, is that okay?

Murthy: Sure, lay it on me.

Nethra: Okay, so I know a guy who is trying to harm a guy very badly because that guy ruined his career, and is asking if it is right. I don’t know what to say. 

Murthy startles for a moment, clears his throat and speaks.

Murthy: What? Why? What did the other guy do, and how is the carrier ruined?

Nethra: The guy I know is Aman. I don’t know the guy who he wants to harm. Aman says he was teasing the guy, but the guy thought it was molestation and told everyone. In that way, his career is downtrodden.

In the meantime, Murthy’s phone rings. It’s friend Harish, Harish wishes him and says there is a party and asks Murthy to come. Murthy says he is on the way and turns to Nethra.

Murthy: I’m sorry, I got to go. He is like the only friend I have. Of course, from today, you are on the list. Please don’t take any decision on the matter you told me, enquire on both sides and give it a go. Can we meet tomorrow at the same place and pick it up?

Nethra: Of course, I understand, sure its a date! Once again, Happy birthday!

Murthy leaves the place with the biggest smile he ever had in his life. He gets in the car and starts driving to Harish’s guesthouse. The building is ancient and is scary to look at, and there have been rumors that some people saw weird-shaped creatures and died there. Murthy parks his car and starts walking in.

As soon as he passes the gate, he feels that something is running behind him. A chill runs down his spine. He runs towards the main door, looks behind, and is breathing heavily and knocking on the door. Someone opens it wraps a cloth around Murthy’s face, and pulls him in.

                                              To Be Continued…

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