The Million Dollar Blackout.

It was past 1:00 pm on a hot sunny day, Kevin wakes up on an unknown place after a blackout due to over drinking. It is not a new experience for him as he has a weird habit of over drinking and waking up at unknown places with strange people.

He returns to his home, sits on a couch, closes his eyes and starts thinking. Kevin is working on an invention on how to make bags of higher security at a cheaper cost. He tried many sources but couldn’t find an investor because of that he had to put his savings.

Kevin used to work as a senior broker on the wall street. He was a very successful wolf with a unique accent, where the clients would find that very attractive and invest in stocks. One day his bag was stolen from his desk, and on that day, he decided to make smart bags with better security for a lesser cost.

The very next day, Kevin had a lot of alcohol and passed out as usual at a strange place. He wakes up at noon at an unknown location, but this time he had a stranger accompany him. He sees a guy searching for something in panic. Kevin smirks and says “First time?”. The stranger looks at him, smiles and nods.

They are walking and having a conversation, and the stranger says that his name is Larry. Kevin mentions about his life and the failure of getting investors for the company. Larry says he knows few people and asks Kevin to meet him the following day for a meeting with investors. Kevin jumps in joy as it is the best day of his life.

The following day, Kevin went to the meeting. To his surprise, he was given the deal at the exact valuation he was asking. Kevin gets very emotional and hugs Larry and makes him one of the partners of the company. They start manufacturing the bags and are selling them at outstanding profits.

The business grows at a rapid pace, and Kevin is delighted. Five years pass by, and the company is on an outstanding level. It is making seven million dollars a year profit with a growth margin of 20% each year. They have hit 100 million dollars in sales, and Kevin throws a big party. All the delegates attend it, and they have an excellent time.

As usual, Kevin blacks out and wakes up at a strange and weird place. Kevin is stunned at the sight of the location. There are dead bodies everywhere! Kevin has no clue what has happened. He goes near a body to see the face, and it is one his office men! He keeps checking bodies and all of them are his office staff! Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes and thinks of Larry and starts searching for him.

At a distance, there is a man in a black suit coming towards Kevin. Kevin recognizes it is Larry, Kevin goes to hug him in joy, but Larry kicks him in the gut and Kevin is on the ground in disbelief. Larry pulls out a gun, points it to Kevin and says “First time?” and Kaboom! Larry takes out his phone dials a number and says “The business is mine and I will be here for the next prey” and smiles.

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