I’m A DINOSAUR.. And You Are A Stupid.

sky space dark galaxy

“As I see that your star sign is Aquarius, you are a rebel at heart, the air around you demands authority over everything. You are always free spirited. You can be identified by your unusual hobbies and interests. You are ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs innovation, technology, and surprising events.”

Says Sharma as he flips a page by licking his finger with an erotic charisma as he speaks to Keshava, an 11-year-old kid. He looked at Keshava with soulful eyes and smiled. His smile is as free as those dandelions in fields, as soft as the rose petals feel on cheeks, as delightful as a kid’s giggle, as beautiful as beyond human senses!

“You are going to do amazing things with your unconventional thinking. You have high leadership skills. With your rational mind, you will try to overcome everything. You may end up losing people with extreme rationality. But you will end up finding perfect people for your life.”

Continues Sharma as he is staring at his book as he is about to kiss it. If the book were a person, it would blush at his look. He closes his eyes, raises an eyebrow; his expression is like his brain is about to have an orgasm. He pushes the stagnant air as he leans forward to touch Keshava’s head as if he is about to grab a shining lotus from the sparkling river water.

Keshava goes home with the dreams of becoming a world leader one day with the confidence boost he just got. He goes back to his ordinary life dreaming about his ruler Uranus. He goes to school with a fresh look on his face. When his friends ask for the reason, he couldn’t describe the gasless object floating among the beautiful cosmos in the oblivion. Years pass by, and Keshava’s rationality keeps growing with age and slowly understands the concept of Astrology. He understands that he was lied and feels terrible.

One day Keshava is running his fingers on a keyboard as he is composing an orchestra. He is softly moving the mouse as he was looking straight into the eyes of his loved one and patting head. Then a girl walks in. She was just there, close to him, and her eyes were like dew-kissed flowers. Her walk is like a swan moving in the sparkling river. She looks at him, and he feels that his knees are giving out and nearly fell, held himself up against a chair.

“Hello My name is Shruti, I’m new to the company. You are Keshava right? I heard a lot about you. I’m an Aries and that must explain a lot about me lol.”

Keshava startles for a moment. He comes back to reality and says “Yes It tells a lot, it says that you believe in the mass cultural delusion that the sun’s possible location relative to arbitrarily defined stars at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality. It tells me that you don’t use your mind to think. It says that you gave your life for stars to design and you have a boring life. It means that you see only 12 or 13 constant shapes with stars. In that way, I belong to a Dinosaur-shaped horoscope and you are stupid.”

Keshava says this smirks and walks away.

Let us look at science for a bit, Airies which is the first constellation is 290 light-years away from Earth. Astrologers tell Jupiter will enter that constellation, and that will have an impact on you. Jupiter is 648.04 million km away from the Earth. And a most essential and fundamental part of this, Jupiter is a freaking non-living object! It cannot wear a jetpack and enter Aries and come back. It is impossible.

In the end, stars or planets don’t have any impact on our personality and our actions. We are responsible for our actions and character. Do not believe in this pseudoscience and live your life to the fullest and never restrict yourselves.

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