Mystery of the night- I

curtain hands indoors light

It was a lovely evening for a run. The wind hitting in your face, the busy roads had gone silent & the city looked sparkling. Nate took a stroll around the town of lights for half an hour that night. On his way back home, he picked up flowers for Eva, his 18-year-old daughter & Emmett, his second wife.
It was a beautiful house which smelt of millions of dollars after all Emmett was the sole owner of the $50,000,000mn that her father had left for his only daughter. That day, Emmett was the happiest as she was going to surprise Nate with her pregnancy news.
To Nate’s surprise, when he entered the house, the lights were out, he checked with his servants, and within the next 10 minutes, the mansion was sparkling as though it were Christmas. He made his way towards the first floor; he checked on Eva; she was fast asleep. Carefully, making his way through the room, he placed the flowers in her vase & kissed her good night.
Next, it was time to surprise Emmett, with a smile on his face & orchids in his hands; he walks into his room, only to discover the love of his life covered in blood.
He felt like he was knocked down with a feather. He couldn’t believe his eyes. With a high pitched shriek, he exclaimed his grief which woke everyone up in the house and within no time everyone was in his room, dumbstruck! The servant called up the police & Eva was now on the floor grieving with her father.

It was a murder. Emmette was stabbed 12 times in her sleep. Nate couldn’t make peace with the death of Emmette, & the next news of his dead unborn child made his grief worse. Thankfully, he had Eva, who took care of Nate as though he was a child. The loss of her stepmother made her sad but also strong and supportive for her broken father. The investigations had now begun. The detectives had called in Nate, Eva & the servants for the interrogation. Nate was one of their first suspects as everyone knew the next heir of the million-dollar business would be the husband after the wives death. On questioning with Nate, the detectives started searching for his alibi; one of whom was his friend, Suzzie who had bumped into him during the run.
On checking with the alibi, Suzzie said he didn’t bump into him, on getting to know this Nate was shocked, he couldn’t believe that Suzzie had lied and he couldn’t understand why!
Now was the time for Nate’s arrest. He was taken into custody the very next day.

To be continued…

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