A dive to remember, or not

It was so calm,
I could feel the waves whisper to me;
The birds calling my name;
Coming back to the ocean always felt the same;
It was like I was finally home!

I was ready to discover the depths of the ocean;
With a dive; I could feel it all;
The silence & serenity;
The colours of the corals;
Oh! How much I had missed this emotion.

In the darkness of the ocean;
A beam of light flashes;
With my torchlight it clashes;
In curiosity I take the swim;
Only to find out it was him.

I swim back to my dive boat;
And behind me, he floats;
On the deck, I land,
Looking at him, I go bland.

His face takes me six years back;
It was my first love;
So passionate & truthful;
Thinking of it all over made it hurtful!
He was the swashbuckler of my dreams;
Now, I could feel my bloodstreams.

A pirate in nature;
But a nurturer in reality;
It was a true love discovered at sea.
Full of adventure & enthusiasm;
The swordplay & chivalry;
I still remember it all so vividly.
We had parted ways for the best of us;
As there was no future then to discuss.

He zones me back on the deck;
He says, ‘I feel like such a wreck’
Tears start rolling down;
In his chest my head drowns;
‘I could never forget you’ he says;
So let’s sail away & always be together,
I want to be yours forever.
He was ready to come with me;
It all felt so surreal;
I was the happiest person ever;
I had finally found my treasure.

I could feel someone pumping my chest;
Emma! Emma! Emma!
They called out my name;
With a long breath, I opened my eyes;
I see a hospital room at my first sight;
Looking at the doctors;
With panic, I get up;
All I want to do is, stand up.
Getting rid of the bedsheet; I see my feet;
Only to discover all I now see is one foot.

I had lost it; it was my leg;
I close my eyes and try to recall;
I had spotted the love of my life in that dive;
But destiny had something else to drive;
I lay unconscious in his arms;
He had saved me from any further harm;
Fought the shark like a warrior;
Without any barrier.
The unconscious dream was too good to be true;
So that was the reality;
Of how my first love had yet again saved me & flew.

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