The Tale Of Honest “YES”

Present-day 2:00 AM:

Nisha’s phone chimes as she receives a message. The message is from Munna. 

Munna: “Hey! I want to meet you today at our regular place. Got to say something important.”

Nisha reads the message, smiles and replies.

Nisha: “Sure Mun. Is 4 PM, okay? Will the King in the North be out of his bed? :P”

Munna: “Lol! If the queen of 7 kingdoms is calling, any king will come rushing :D.”

Nisha: “Hahaha! See you at 4 then.”

Munna: “Sure! Bye.”

Munna keeps his phone aside and blushes. His friend Sri comes, sees it and asks.

Sri: “Dude, It is time to log out, and you are still in the office with that blushy face? Is it Nisha?”

Munna: “Yes, we are going to meet tomorrow. I’m going to open up about my feelings to her.”

Sri: “Buddy, That’s awesome! That’s a huge step you are taking, and I’m very happy for you. It is time. Let’s go, or else we might miss the cab.”

Munna and Sri log out for the day and start climbing down the stairs having a conversation. 

Sri: “How are you feeling? Are you excited about tomorrow?”

Munna: “Yes, very excited! I don’t know how I’m going to tell, but I’ve got to say.”

Sri: “Awesome! What do you like most of Nisha?”

Munna: “The curious eyes that read my last message wording,

The excitement she got when she read that message, “we are meeting.”

The moment her hair curls in the air, 

The way she cares for me. 

The way she talks, 

The way she walks.”

Sri: Okay, Okay. Calm down Shakespear. I can see the feelings for her in your eyes, and I’m sure she will see it too. Good night buddy. I will be waiting for the happy news.

Munna and Sri sit in their respective cabs. Munna leans back and goes into the past when he first saw Nisha.

1 Year Back, morning 8 AM

It was the first day of the office for Munna, and as a 22-year-old who finished graduation, he was pretty excited. He enters the building goes to room number 104 as instructed and sits there. There are around 30 people in the room. He looks around the room and is awestruck at the most beautiful sight. He saw Nisha for the first time, and his heart skips a beat. Nisha was looking at her phone and smiling. Munna remained spellbound by looking at those expressive eyes and that innocent smile.

In the meantime, HR walks in and asks them to give an introduction. Munna is eagerly waiting to know the name. Then comes Nisha’s turn and Munna is at the peak of this enthusiasm and curiosity. Nisha stands up and speaks.

Nisha: “Hello. My name is Nisha. I did my Engineering in Computer Science. It is my first job. I love watching movies, series, and currently, I’m watching Naruto and Game of Thrones ( This was before season 8 :P). My hobbies include reading books, blogging and that is it.”

Munna is astonished and happy as Nisha shares similar interests. He always imagined various scenarios of talking to her and smiled like an idiot. A couple of months pass by, and Munna is just staring at her. 

She is like the Sirius A (brightest start in the universe) to his life of emptiness and darkness. They work under the same team and have formal conversations about work.

One day he gathers the courage to speak to her.

Munna: “Valar Morghulis.” How are you?

Nisha startles for a moment, smiles and says.

Nisha: “Valar Dohaeris.” I’m good, how are you?

Munna: “I’m good. I’m hungry, shall we go and grab something to eat? Probably Ichiraku Ramen?”

Nisha smiles and replies

Nisha: “Some other time, For now, the world shall know pain. Almighty push!”

Munna gets sad, turns back and starts walking. Nisha laughs, calls him and says

Nisha: “Dude! I’m kidding. Let’s go eat something.”

Munna squeaks like a child, and they go to grab a bite. It was the first official date in Munna’s life. He is having the best time of his life. 

As days pass by, their relation grew. They become best friends. One day they bunk their office to watch a movie the other day they go to a lovely dinner. A day doesn’t go by without texting each other. 

Munna’s feelings grew for Nisha. He feels incomplete when Nisha is not around. He always wanted to communicate with her. And he ever tried to express the same.

Present-day 3:15 AM:

The cab arrives at Munna’s house. He gets down, goes in and starts thinking about the evening. He tries to sleep but couldn’t. Finally, the time has come to meet. Munna gets ready and goes to the place. His eyes are searching for the arrival of his dream, and after a while, Nisha comes to the location.

The location is a garden with all the beautiful flowers. For Munna’s eyes, the most beautiful flower is talking to him and laughing at his jokes. He is on cloud nine. Finally, the moment has arrived. Munna holds Nisha’s hand and says

Munna: “Nisha, I have always wanted to say something to you. I couldn’t tell because I had a fear that I might lose you. Now no matter what, I want to express that. It always feels uncomfortable when you are not around me. It feels like a part of me is missing. In the ever-expanding universe, there is an infinite number of stars and self luminescent bodies. None match for the glow in your eyes. They might find the age of the universe one day, but they will never be able to calculate the amount of love I have for you.

If I don’t have you, life would be blue, and I would have no clue what is happening. You bring clarity to this messed up human. You bring a sense of completeness to this incomplete brain. I know the world is messed up, but if you are with me, it feels like I can face it. I want you to be the Hinata of this Naruto’s life. You are the moon of my life. That is all I know, and all I need to know. And if this is a dream, I will kill the man who tries to wake me.

I have much more to say, but I want to compress everything into three magical words that may seem common but are very powerful. I love you, Nisha. Will you accept my proposal?”

Nisha is in tears, she wipes it and says.

Nisha: “YES, I want to be the Hinata of your life. When I watch you, I feel strong, Like I can do anything, that even I’m worth something. Until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, until the seas go dry, and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. You are my sun and stars.”

Both get very emotional and hug each other. They arrange a party for all their friends, and Sri walks in, congratulates Munna and says,

Sri: “Buddy, I’m very happy for you! I wanted to ask you something out of curiosity. What if she had Said no?”

Munna smiles and says.

Munna: “I would be delighted. If you truly love someone, and if they are happy without you in their life, you should let them go for their happiness. That is the meaning of true and honest love.”

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