The Reality Of Imaginary Conversation.

child holding clear glass jar with yellow light

Ray is suffering from Schizoaffective disorder ( a combination of symptoms of schizophrenia and mood disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder. )He still has hallucinations. He is always fascinated by science. He sits in his room and reads blogs and books on science. One day he learns about light and is very intrigued by its speed and properties of light. He was about to sleep and sees a beam of light falling on a rock and imagines they are having a conversation. Here it goes.

Hey light, why such hurry,
It makes me blurry.
I know you are the fastest,
And you are the brightest.
You make the night bright,
You ignite the beauty at every sight.

Hello Rock, here we meet,
No time to chat and greet.
You are just a rock,
People use you to mock.
Keep calm and accept my greatness.
Continue living in your ignorance.

Hey, I was just nice,
You may be more wise.
You lose nothing when you care,
It makes you more aware.

You are a rock without any use,
You have nothing but an excuse.
I make things glow and show the beauty,
Take a good look at you and go back to reality.

You may highlight the beauty and make it glow,
Whom will you glow when there are none to show?

Ray thinks of this has a smirk on his face thinking how did a hallucination become a reality of everyone’s life. He smiles and goes to sleep.

In the end, everyone in this world is essential and are helpful. If we start differentiating people based on any factor, we are just fooling ourselves. I’m not saying to use people and throw them out. I’m saying if we see people as people, the world would be a much better place to live.

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