To the glory of Kargil

kargil war

With immense strength in heart;
& unmatched bravery  being their art;
They marched on for two months;
Always stood on the fronts;
Facing the fire from every acre;
For they thought they were the Nation’s caretakers.

Have you ever seen heroes?
Yes, they are on the borders day and night;
Always ready for a fight.
1999 was a year of pride;
527 families were flooded with cries;
Everyone lost something that day;
A son, brother, husband, father, friend;
But their lives and sacrifice will never be forgotten;
For they were men in golden.

For the motherland and it’s people;
They fought with the evil;
& soared high like an eagle!
To all the martyred and the one’s still fighting for us;
Thank you;
For saving our country from going to dust;
For every injury you’ve incurred;
For fighting our freedom to live & be heard.

I salute to all the brave hearts of the Kargil war;
For being the perfect example of mankind;
They shall be remembered well;
for it’s for them that every Indian has a place to dwell!
You have made us proud;
For this day only makes me shout;
‘You all were the perfect scouts!’

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