That’s how he saved his futurE

Many a times being frugal is misinterpreted;
Is being frugal being cheap?
If saving money for greater things in life is;
If serving one’s best interests is;
Then yes; but;
Being frugal at least gets one a good night’s sleep.

We live in a world where;
Clothes are meant for show off;
Money is spent like a toss;
& food is left to rot;
After all, everyone’s caught being faux.

In the constant dilemma between need & want;
Want is a luxury that will leave you;
With resources too scant.
Choosing a comfortable living over luxuries;
Is the way of life of being worldly.

It is rightly said,,
‘One of the important leadership principles is frugality’.
Be frugal in the gift of life;
For it teaches you to be wise;
& to care about value and not the price.

Frugal living is a mindset;
For your future not to be left in a debt & sweat.
It’s not compromising on living standards;
It’s just your future life being sorted & answered.

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