my best cousin

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Those were good old days of childhood. When we used to stay in our hometown, We were in a joint family. We were a group of cousins staying, studying and playing together. There was a small canal which was in the backyard of our house.

When the rains were heavy, we used to make paper boats and let them race. I was studious among all and in a small way, I was a nerd. When all of my cousins were playing with paper boats, I used to sit far away from them.

One day when all of my other cousins made fun of me because I couldn’t make paper boats. I went back to home, and I was sitting quietly in the corner without eating food then my mother asked her(my best cousin) to call me for dinner.she came to me when she found out that I was crying she ran towards me and pulled my hand shouting “what happened “
I replied “I don’t know how to make a paper boat “
she laughed and said “really? “and continued her laughter I started crying loudly. She closed my mouth with her hand. My eyes were flowing and staring continuously to her. she asked “what do you want to stop crying “.I replied, “I want a paper boat.” she said, “come to me after school tomorrow.”

Next day once I reached home after school, I ran to her screaming “paper boat “. She said, let all others go first we will join them later. I asked ” where is my paper boat ” she said “just shut your mouth do as i say “. As she was elder to me, I stayed quiet. After a few minutes, she gave a box and told me to carry for her. I brought to the canal with a lot of dullness.She said,” open the box”. I opened it and when I saw it. I was utterly stunned. There was a big paper boat which was beautifully handcrafted.
My cousins surrounded me and started asking ” whose boat it is” then she irrelevantly replied “Its his” by pointing towards me.I couldn’t say anything at that moment because i was enjoying the attention of all. That’s the foundation of our friendship.

From there, we became so close to each other. We used to play together. She used to share everything with me whatever she bought to eat.

After some years we moved to the city. I cried a lot when I used to miss her. But in the summer holidays, I used to go to my hometown always had a great time with my cousins. Year after year, our bond grew up stronger.
Either it may be my heartbreak moments or emotional breakdown moments she was there. All I need was to call her. There will be one person whose call can pause the pain in your heart right, for me, that’s her.

Its been 8 hours she got married. When I sleep on the terrace all, I could recollect this beautiful tale. All I can wish her is a beautiful life ahead.

Dear Suhana,
I wish you a great marriage life. Thank you for   the love and Most importantly lots  of love for   PAPERBOAT.

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