Karma is not a bitch, It is a snitch!

When something goes wrong, we all say without a second thought; “It’s true man, Karma a bitch.” It has become a trendy phrase too. I used the same phrase as others. But I changed it to “Karma is a Snitch” after hearing this voice;
“Hello, dear!
Wondering who I am?
I’m the one whom you all call as a “BITCH”,
Yes, I’m a bitch, but I’m a Bittersweet bitch called “KARMA”;
You called me bitch, but I’m a SNITCH that you all ignore;
I’m a snitch because;
Sometimes I made you suffer in life, not because you were terrible or bad;
But because you didn’t realise where to stop being GOOD;
Sometimes you might think you failed a battle because of me,
But you’re mistaken, my friend!
I’m the one who rained them on you;
Not because you have to suffer,
But because you need to face challenges for all the good and evil you did.
You hate me for hanging upon you;
You hate me for not turning up when you needed me;
You hate me for not being like others Karmas;
You hate me for the way I made you feel when you weren’t wrong!
But in the END,
I could only say that;
What you got to do is “go with the flow”,
I will always be your snitch;
And make you aware of everything.
If you ignore me;
Then I have my ways to deal with; after all “I’m your so called BITCH and SNITCH!”
We all know that “no matter how great you are, KARMA has its way and we need to face it. After all, Dasharath was a king, yet he couldn’t escape from his own mistakes and met them in the name of KARMA!
We all faced karma and felt the worst because we felt it as bitch. But this time you feel it as a snitch, and I’m pretty sure we may not feel that worse this time.
And remember my FRIEND, there is no equation or formula to solve karma. You only need to accept it and go with the flow by letting KARMA do its JOB!!

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