Frugality – We all need it!

Many of us can feel that why do we need Frugality. Let me give a self example.
Just like all other weekends, I was lying on the bed, using my phone and I got a notification of sale on amazon and without a second thought opened the app. I saw one art kit that drove me out of words; it has the same components as all my other art kits, but the package of the kit was so fantastic that I couldn’t resist myself from getting it. I had a habit of getting one for my sister whenever I feel it is good. And so I made a call to my sister and told her, “I’m buying an art kit for you too, and it is so cool that you will love it for sure”, and here goes our conversation:
Sister: What’s the cost?
Me: Don’t worry about the cost. I’m earning now I can spend on something we love.
Sister: Do you really need it? Like you already have some na…why to waste money on something we already have. Instead, you try creating something that makes it even cooler in looks using the ones you have.
Me: I know you would say this. Why do you always do this?
Sister: “You will get it.” with the same gentle smile.
Me: Ok, fine. I’m not buying it.
It’s been 3months since that conversation happened, and now I got to know why my sister is always frugal and made me frugal too. Especially during this pandemic.
During this pandemic, I saw people who struggled a lot financially, especially middle-class families. But some families are managing it so well even the income is low. And I could say that Frugality is the principle that made it possible. After all, it is told and proved by many leaders and mothers(who stand first in line), “One of the important leadership principles is frugality.”
Of course, that principle isn’t limited to leaders who run organisations but for everyone. Because one is always a leader for self, and I can say that “the art of frugality” is not that hard to practice. It is a way of life that makes one financially independent and also minimalise through anti-consumerist habits. So, we could assume that “The art of Frugality” is worth learning skill.
You can enjoy being frugal if you embrace the beauty of a walk through the park rather than roaming around malls where you intend to spend money for no reason. Create something new with the unused resources that could make your home a-way attractive than before. Spend some time to get the chef out of you, which saves a lot of your income. And it is already proved in this lockdown period. Many of these beautiful and creative moments stay with us far longer than the ones we spend money on.

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