Dear Mumma,

Hai Mumma. How are you? It’s been three months without seeing you. I know we might be talking through video call, but still, it’s different na. By the way, convey my hello to our macho man. The situation is getting worse day by day. Every health care professional is working too hard. Whenever I go to treat the patients my heart trembles still I go by thinking it’s my Duty. Otherwise, there is no use of this education.

When someone recovers from the COVID-19, we sendoff with a huge cheer. I really feel that my purpose in life is filled when I see happiness in their eyes.

Maa, Something pathetic happened in the hospital. Group of people came to beat our chief doctor. There was his no mistake. He treated the patient with almost care, but what to do maa, somethings are not in our hands. People don’t get it. But our chief doctor came to work after one week to treat patients with zero bitterness. That moment inspired me a lot. 

Maa, there is a head nurse in our hospital. Whenever she scolds the staff regarding any work, she reminds me of you. She is very conscious of the resources of the hospital. I learnt from her that one of the important leadership principles is frugality. She got a one-year-old daughter. She tells me,” Its killing me that i cant hug my daughter.”  

When i see things around, the dream of being a soldier is fulfilled in me.

At last,” Happy birthday Mumma” I miss you very much. I will miss all the fun that we used to have on your birthday. But you always say na that Duty first later all.

{ Take this letter from me as a greeting card }

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