Unheard voice of Sold Bodies

My name is Snigdha. I was just 16 when I went missing and reached Mumbai, amidst the slaughters. I was sold when I’m still a daughter, forced to lie down on the beds of tyrants while I’m still dressed as a bride with shiny saree and wild makeup. Now I have a body that has neither identity nor destiny. These questions still play in mind even when I was like a corpse lying on the bed and played with fingers of rich around my body.
“Will I ever see my parents?
Will I ever get to play with kids on the street, especially with paper boats when it rains?
Will I ever get rid of the gaze given by people during nights when they cross the roads?
Can I be not auctioned for just a few rupees?
Will I ever be a respectful person?
Will I ever get rid of all this fucking shit and remain alive?”
And sometimes I do feel “If I weren’t there, there would be more poor girls like Nirbhaya and Asifa” – this is a small voice of a SOLD BODY that hasn’t been heard by many. Rather it is judged by many without knowing the actual reason for selling the body.
I guess you would have understood what the SOLD BODIES are referred to. If not here it is “The sold bodies related to the PROSTITUTES – women who are engaged or forced in sexual intercourse for money.

Here is my little suggestion for you:
“Every night, when you drive back home crossing that road where love is sold; cars slow down their pace and men look out of their windows to see the faces that have no identity.
That fucking stare gave by you towards them make their souls live in pain. They live as corpses when they are forced and prepared to do sex with the same ones who abused them.
But this time when you drive across the same road, slow down your cars but instead of staring take a moment and smile gently, that shows that you do care for them.
Because if you observe them, you can find a compassionate mother desperate to earn for her child. You will see them burn hopelessly surrounded by desperation and need; while their kids grow up, outside those shut doors.
You will see a girl who is still a little princess, whose body is shared with many where none has dared to share their surname.
You may not be in a place to help them out of that, but your gentle smile could make a little change for that night.”
Prostitution in India isn’t something new; it’s one of the oldest profession like other professions. Whether it is she who stands on the footpath or the one who uses technology to get in touch with customers share the same stories. Over millions of women are into prostitution, of which most of them are forced, i.e. trafficking.
We do have some laws related to prostitution:
Prevention of Immortal Traffic Act
Suppression of Immortal Traffic in women and girl act
Immortal Traffic Prevention Act
Despite all these laws, for every 3minutes, a girl is trafficked into sexual slavery, hardly 1% of them are being rescued.
We all know that we couldn’t change their profession since some of them choose it as their source of income, but we could change the attitude towards them. They do deserve RESPECT because only their bodies are touched but not souls.
And here is the thing I still don’t get it – “How do you cremate a body that has been constantly cremated from within?”
And to all the men, don’t be macho only in beds, be a gentleman who respects a beautiful heart rather than a used body.

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