The Honest Confession Of Tears.

opened book with valentine lying inside

Robert is a middle-aged man is sitting in a chair,
The room was empty, and there was some grim in the air.
Robert is having a lot of thoughts,
He decides to put them in words.

“The whole world is under pressure,
We all need a refresher.
Why have we become so numb?
Did our feelings go dumb?

Today’s child is not creative and unable to fold a paper boat,
How will they be when you shove worthless knowledge down the throat?
What is the use of a degree when it is not practical?
Their thinking has become fanatical.

They continue with hope as hope is a funny thing,
But the current ideas do not fling.
Their thinking has become shallow,
Their brain has become hollow.

Moving on they learnt how to solve a complex problem using an equation,
When there is trouble in real-life, they always look for evasion.
But they are hiding from reality,
And they are treating life as a formality.

At work, they learn One of the important leadership principles is frugality,
But they are losing creativity and acquiring Banality.
Why are you hiding and displaying slavery?
When you can come out and exhibit bravery.

When I put a sad status, they say, he used web, and he pulled it out,
But is he feeling the sadness of the picture, they never doubt.
None reacted to the status when it was sad,
But when I react to people, they thought I’m bad.

In the end, We have all been there with emotion.
At this stage, all the lives have a commotion.
The inner child is yelling for care,
But the cry has gone nowhere.”

Robert sees what he wrote, and there is a missing sense.
And he decides to end it with a sentence.

“Dear family and friends, thank you for being with me no matter what. Honestly, when I think back, I feel you all deserved a better son and a better friend. But you know what? That better person would not have loved you that much, compared to this idiot. Till the end of the times. ” I love you all so much.” Robert writes, this keeps his pen down, and tears roll out.

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