NEITHER HIM NOR HER, they made it work

Ivra was getting the dinner ready for her folks. Aayan was on his way back home. He had a couple of errands to take care of for the dinner in order to make it a memorable one. Aayan’s parents had reached and they were overwhelmed to meet their pregnant daughter-in-law.
Aayan reaches home with a surprise. Ivra feels ecstatic to see the guests who were accompanied along with Aayan; they were none other than Ivra’s parents. It was the perfect evening for a family dinner.

Everyone’s seated on the dining table and the lights go off. ‘Don’t worry you all, I will take care of it!’, said Aayan. He brings out candles and places it on the table. ‘Hold on to your growling stomachs for a little longer, I have got a surprise for you all’, he said whilst holding onto an envelope which contained a letter; he pulled it out. Everyone gives him a confused look.
‘So to make this evening a little more exciting, I have something that I got to read out to you all. This is an offer letter from Zenden Marketing firm’. It was one of the top-ranked firms and had been retaining its position for the last 5 years now. Everyone in that room was fully aware of it and as soon as they heard this they began hooting, clapping, and congratulating Aayan. ‘Hold on you guys! I’m not finished yet’, exclaims Aayan. ‘This is for the post of branding manager and it comes in the name of Ivra’. Everyone’s taken by a surprise. The hooting and claps have now been switched to confused looks. Ivra is surprised to hear that as she had resigned 6 months back owing to the fact that Aayan and Ivra decided to start their family.
‘What is this beta? How will this be possible? How will you guys manage all this with a baby on board?’ asked Ivra’s mom. And Aayan is fired with tons of questions and surprised expressions.
‘I can only talk if everyone keeps quiet! says Aayan & continues, ‘I know it’s not going to be an easy task with the baby. But seeing Ivra’s talent, her boss has asked her to join back only after her maternity period is done. And when we decided to have a baby it wasn’t her sole decision. It was our decision. So when the decision is of two people why should I let her compromise on her dream job? How can I take away from her something she’s so proud of? We have always believed that household work, or having a baby & taking care of it is a women’s job, but why? Because that’s what we have been taught. But in the end, it’s our choice whether to abide by it or modify that teaching. And today I have called you all here to be a part of this celebration where we modify the teaching and pass it on that way.’ Ivra is in tears, seeing that Aayan’s father takes her hand and says ‘I couldn’t be any happier’ & gives Ivra and Aayan his blessings.

According to a recent study, it was found that 48% of women quit job midway due to family commitments and spend around 6 hours/day doing household chores. And the major reason for it is the lack of support at home.
It’s 2020 why are we still in this fight between patriarchy and feminism? When will we understand that life is not about who’s greater or who rules but it’s about building a collaboration & understanding between the two genders out of mutual respect, thoughtfulness & rock-solid commitment! Let’s have the courage to up bring our daughters and sons in the same manner without any discrimination so that when they grow old it’s only equality that prevails!

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