Life…All about Equating the uncertainties

It’s like a leap of faith;
Where uncertainty awaits;
Where we don’t know what tomorrow brings;
or how is it that our life swings.

What we have with us is – today;
Whether it’s black, white or grey.
It’s all about how we balance the situation;
And the right application of any equation.

To add happiness;
& minus the sadness;
To divide the busyness;
& multiply the kindness;
It’s about equalizing the emotions.

It’s more than finding the ‘X’,
And the algebraic decks;
It’s a journey of sweat, regret and reset;
Wherein you will finally feel blessed.

So, welcome the morning with an open arm;
For the world needs your charm.
Every day is just an alarm;
To find the right equation within one’s self;
For at the end, it’s every human for himself.

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