Donkey, Donkey; Old And Grey.

The guy that loves you might have hated someone and might be hated by someone. Our perception of people is an abstract idea of them formed through deduction and might end up being false. What is good, and What is bad? Who is a good person? Is a moral person good? If I belong to a region where killing my father is an honour and senicide is accepted, then I’m following my rightful morals as a son. Am I a good boy? Or am I bad because your morals don’t accept me killing my father and ending his suffering? For me, I’m moral, because I believe that it is the rightful thing to do. But for you, it is wrong. You have been born and brought with different teachings and different morals. We both are different, our right and wrong are different too. I belong to a tribe which doesn’t allow me to eat flesh, as one of my ancestors banned us from hunting and hurting animals. You were born and brought up in a place where you don’t need to witness the slaughter of animals and the horrorshow of animal screams. So you don’t see the harm in eating flesh. For you, you are doing nothing wrong, but for me who respects nature, you are a cunt! And I’m an uncivilised brute for you because I don’t even wear my clothes properly.

The nicest guy you know might have done some bad things you will never know. Sometimes the nice guy doesn’t even know that he had done a bad thing to someone. For his belief is that he is rightful according to his own morals. In the long journey of life, it is impossible to secure some beliefs without hurting any other. We all are armoured in our opinions and beliefs and look for the same in other people. Assuming a place where incest is not wrong is hard to imagine because we are morally against it and it’s unperceivable. But we don’t know what the people committing incest are feeling. We can never be in their shoes. Your nice brother must have molested someone, and your great father might have bullied someone in school. We all are in this shit together, and no matter how you perceive ‘good’ people, no one is universally good. They might be right for you, but not for everyone. This contradiction only proves the labelling of right and wrong to be false. That it just exists in our brain. Good is what satisfies our beliefs and opinions, we like it. Bad is that which is against our perception. That’s the reason why something out of the box is not easily acceptable. The very best friend you have trusted and has been dear to you might have been a devil to your sibling. While you put your arms across them, they put them in private places of your siblings.

Is the world dark place? No, it isn’t! But it isn’t light either; It’s grey! And that’s how the world functions. There is no universal black and white; there is the only grey! In real-world, black and white co-exist at the same place. They are inside everyone, and it is up to their choice to show it to you. Given a situation where there are no morals and humans are free to do whatever they want, you will then see the true colours of the world, for what it really is, that is, Grey and desaturated. Every bright smile is also capable of a dark grin. Given the intensity of emotion, anyone can be provoked to commit a murder. In fact, if there were no judgements, both internal and external, humans would be tempted to commit crimes. That’s why sins exist, that’s why the law exists, that’s why schools exist. But they are failing to condition every animal. Because the thing they teach at these conditioning centres is wrong and against the nature of a human person. The raw, natural and secret voice of yours that criticises everything and that personality of yours that you hide inside for the sake of so-called manners is the real you! It’s the inner demon that’s free from sin, crime and moral burden. And it is not the black you, it is the grey you! It’s the Donkey that’s old and asleep.

Donkey, donkey;
Old and grey!
Open your mouth and gently bray;

Lift your ears
And blow your horn.
To wake up the world,
this sleepy morn!

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