The Important Line Between Compromise And Sacrfice.

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At some point in life, we may have made a few compromises and few sacrifices for the happiness of the self or to satisfy people we love or summoning to the situation. What is the line between them? What is the difference? To understand the difference between the two words, we need to know the meanings of them. So what is the meaning of Compromise and Sacrifice? Compromise means “expediently accept standards that are lower than is desirable.” Sacrifice means “give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.” By the literal meaning of them, they seem very different. But are we using them correctly in reality? Let us consider the following story.

There is a kid named Micheal. His father was rigorous on him. He used to verbally abuse and hit Micheal when he used to play with his friends for a longer time. He wants Micheal to be an Engineer. He always taught him to sacrifice his time for studies, and he can enjoy the results in future. Micheal had a passion for studying literature and becoming a poet. He finished his matriculation and wanted to pursue arts for his schooling. He is scared to talk to his dad. Somehow he gathered courage, went to his dad and told him about his passion. His dad snapped out, and the words he said left the first permanent scar on Micheals’s heart. He Said, ” You want to study arts?” “Where did you learn talking against me?” “What passion are you talking about?” “You can compromise the dream for the future, Just shut up and study Engineering.” He said this and bashed Micheal and sent him away.

Micheal was helpless. He cried a lot and tried to forget it. His schooling continued, and for obvious reasons, the grades were low. His father used to abuse him to get good grades and those two years were like hell for him. Once the schooling is complete, Micheal wanted to speak again to his father so that he can pursue his graduation in Arts. He again gathered courage and asked him the same. Here comes the second scar, his father snapped and said, “Didn’t your brain grow?” “What will you do by studying literature?” “Do you think yourselves as Shakespeare?” and was bashed again.

Micheal does his graduation in Engineering, and he hardly passed it. His father again used to bash or verbally abuse for his grades. As graduation is done and he got an “Engineering” tag. He wanted to give a final try on his passion and talks to his dad again. His dad became furious and left the final scar. Here is what his father said, “How should I tell you?” “Why are you born to me?” “I wish I never gave birth to you.” “You are a disgrace to me.” “Go get a job you worthless scum.” Micheal is now completely broken and starts searching for a job.

Micheal finally joins in a big MNC and starts his career. He goes into depression, and don’t know what to or who to speak to. One day he sees a pop up saying “Worried about your work? Join us! We will assist you.” The program name is “We have all been there.” He signs up for it and goes for it. He sees around two hundred people there. They are divided into twenty groups with ten members each, and a psychiatrist is assigned. The doctor, Micheal’s group, got was Dr Raymond. He points to one the candidates and asks “Have you ever been in a situation, where you are sad about your work, but still got to do it?” He replies ” I have been there.” He asks the next candidate. “Have you been in a situation where you hate your work and still got to do it? She replies ” I have been there.” Now he asks Micheal “Have you ever been in a situation where your family forced you to work?” Micheal was shaken to the core, and he is stunned for a moment, clears his throat and says ” I have been there.” In the same way, the doctor asks everyone work-related questions, and the reply is the same ” I have been there.” The doctor now says “You all have been there.” Let us unite and say “We have all been there. come on” Slowly they Yell ” We have all been there.” The doctor says ” Louder!” They yell ” we have all been there!” Micheal was in shock that these many people are suffering from the same and shakes his head.

Now Micheal is working in the same company and is earning a considerable amount of money. But he lacks the most important thing every human craves for, that is “Happiness.” Micheal was, is and never will be happy with the trauma he has. He is Just leading the life with the help of a doctor.

Now if we think of the above story what Micheal did was not a compromise, it was a sacrifice. So what is the important line between compromise and sacrifice? It is “Happiness.” Why should a kid compromise or sacrifice his passion? The only compromise or sacrifice needed to achieve ones passion is time and energy. Nothing more than that.

What Micheal fathers did to him happens to most of the kids, maybe in a less violent way, but the impact is the same. According to a survey from ( one of the biggest recruiting sites in the world), 83% of the employees, Would Opt To Work For Passion. Why is the number so high? Do we need only corporate employees to run the world? Don’t we need a good writer? A good dancer? Or a good painter? Why are we killing the dream of a kid before it blooms?

In the end, if your passion was or is a part of compromise or sacrifice, then my friend, you know what to say. Yes, that’s right! “we have all been there!” You might have had or have difficulties on your dreams from any side, but stick to your gut and let your dreams blossom. I know it is difficult, but trust me the fruits at the topmost branch of the tree are very tasty.

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The survey from

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