Small town girl;
With so much enthusiasm & gleam;
Being a part of the big city was her dream.
Her innocence was a charm;
And with a heart so warm;
She held her head high;
& was ready to take over the sky.

With a beam of Hope;
& talent beyond par;
She was now ready with her guitar.
Every door she knocked;
Every recording she got;
Her singing was spot on.

But little did she know;
There’s very less respect for talent;
Because the world is corrupt & fraudulent.
The ones who recognized her talents,
Were kept under the light;
For only riches & good looks were right

The struggles never stopped her;
For she was taught;
Every fight is to be fought;
Because her dreams were to be caught.
In between the dreams, talent and fights;
There was a time when she left the void;
She felt she has always toyed.

The braveheart who fought for her dream;
For six years;
That morning was in sorrow & tears.
The unkind, filthy hearts was not where she belonged;
For sharing happiness & love was what she longed.
That morning, we all lost another star;
Now she was gone too far.
Her last words said:
‘If you are going to cling to a dream
Always remember;
Hope is a funny thing’.

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