Don’t let ‘man up’ weigh you down

men dont cry

All I want to ask you today is,
Every time you are asked to man up;
Every time you are asked to be strong;
Don’t you feel like giving them one with a gong?

You are asked to take all the weight on your shoulders;
Without showing any emotions;
And when asked why?
The only answer you get is because:
Men don’t cry.

As a girl, today I want you to know
What we think;
No matter what the world says;
Emotions are for you to show;
It’s okay to take your life slow;
Because my dear;
Being messy is how you grow.

We have all been there;
Not having life figured out;
Having things falling apart;
So why expect men to take all the darts?
All men have the right to break down;
Because gender roles shouldn’t decide;
What is it that they need to hide.

Don’t drown in society’s notions.
However you are,
You are unique & golden.

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