A Tale of Moans and Grunts

silver dynamic microphone on black microphone stand

“You have a brilliant voice”, “The modulation is perfect”, “You can try singing”, “You can be a good choir singer”, “You need the background to be a singer”, “You can’t dream big being born in a middle-class family”, “Why don’t you try dubbing and voice-overs for starters?”, “Do we have anything for her? She’s my cousin’s friend’s cousin. Hey, will you give a voice for a role? It’s a bold role though!”, “Damn! Her voice is real husky and seductive.”, “Show me what you got.. Moan for me sugar. Moan as you have had it.”, “Did you hear her moan?”, “Damn, you got me real horny!” and “She is the girl who moans!” there are the compliments and suggestions Sarah have received from ages 9 to 29. From suggesting her to be a choir singer, from dreaming of being a movie singer, she had finally become someone who moans for pornographic actors.

Sarah wakes up in the morning, and she starts practices moans, tries moaning in different characters. She gargles her beautiful throat with hot water, works out for an hour and rushes to work. She works at SugDaddy sound studio. They dreamt of becoming a mainstream movie recorder, but end up being sound editors and a dubbing studio for pornography. But, Mallesh, who is the owner, looks at it positively. He thinks art is an art and any movie is a movie regardless of its genre. Everyday Sarah has to view the entire porno film to get into the character; Mallesh insists that. He always wanted to be a filmmaker, but couldn’t. So, Mallesh satisfies his wish to direct people through conducting voice workshops for his porn dubbing artists. He insists them to watch the entire movie before giving voice. He pays, so they don’t mind. The porno makers pay him extra for dubbing.

It was just another day for Sarah, and they called her in for a prestigious project. She went to the studio, and a producer was seated beside Mallesh. “Sit down, baby!” Mallesh pointed Sarah to sit on the couch in front of them. “Sir gave us his project because he is a great fan of you. He even gave the lead role to Smitha, who suits very well for your voice”. The producer was excited to see Sarah. “So it’s you! Behind all that! It is you! I hired Smitha thinking it was her voice, but I came to know that she doesn’t have that pitch of a moan. She then revealed to me about you and this studio. I just thought that’s where I should give my prestigious project.” The producer spoke out. “This film will be aired internationally in a famous digital streaming platform Pee5.” Mallesh boasted a bit.

“Why is Pee5 airing porn anyway? Sarah asked. “They recognise that it is art too!” Producer covered in. Sarah frowned as Mallesh was looking like he had something to ask. “Why don’t you directly ask what you want for me, Mallesh?” Sarah asked angrily. “Oh, you spotted it!” Mallesh faked a laugh. “It’s nothing, and it’s just that..” The producer was hesitant to ask. “So sir is a big fan of you!” Mallesh covered. “What is it casting couch?” Sarah sighed. “No, no No!” producer yelled, and Mallesh continued “No! But can you once moan, he’s a big fan, he wanted to hear it live!”. “Oh, give me a break!” Sarah facepalmed. “You can come by the studio stand outside and listen to it” she said and walked by the door, went down not listening to what they had to say.

She went by the screening room, and there was a new guy in the room. “Who the fuck are you? The actor with more favours to ask?” she asked him. “Pardon?” he turned back. His eyes were sparkling, and they were pitch black. She stunned for a moment, and she felt like she lost herself in a black hole looking into his eyes. “Err. sorry, I thought you were..” she gulped. “It’s okay. I’m wearing very ordinary-looking clothes and can be confused with any man on this world” he laughed. She smiled, but she couldn’t take her eyes away from his. He felt awkward and looked at the screen. “I’m Adarsh, the dubbing guy for this project. The producer said he liked my voice” he said, avoiding eye contact. “Who would not!” Sarah thought and started acting normally. “He said the same thing to me. He even requested to hear my moans in person!” she said while shaking her head with disgust. “OMG! He said the same thing to me. I had to grunt in front of him, or he wouldn’t let me go.” he said, closing his eyes. “Grunt?” Sarah asked curiously. “What do you think men do in porn? They moan? Nah! They grunt. Guhhhh” She giggled, and he did too. “I’m Sarah” she said. “Duh!” he said and smiled, “You are famous, Sarah!” he felt awkward “Let’s.. let’s start the movie?” he asked. Sarah played the film, and it had begun. It was a movie about a house owner seducing the maid while his wife tries to seduce the husband of the maid as revenge.

The husband unnaturally smiles at the maid, and she understands his intentions. And it doesn’t take him more than forty seconds to convince her to sleep with him.

Adarsh started laughing, and Sarah asked what it was. “They could write good dialogues at least!” he said. “Who watches a porn film for dialogues anyway?” Sarah asked. “No, it’s just too unconvincing for the maid to accept that quick!” Adarsh continued to laugh. “Come on! I have seen worse. It’s just a quick assumption audience have to make that all the characters are always horny” Sarah laughed. “Ah, the sex scene! You wanna skip it?” Adarsh asked. “No! That’s exactly what we should dub!” she said amazed. “There is no character or defined personality for these actors. They are just flat. You can imagine any random character and imagine them horny and can even moan closing your eyes. It will still perfectly sync!” he laughed. “Come one! You are ranting! Not any random character. They do have personalities.” Sarah explained.

The camera was shaking vigorously, and the actress was faking penetration on the screen. “Uh, Ah? Listen to this!” Adarsh said. Sipped some water form his bottle. Sarah was looking at him curiously. The camera turned towards the man on screen. “Now! look at the screen!” Adarsh muted the audio. “Oh, baby, yes!” Adarsh mimicked Doraemon’s voice to dub the guy on screen. Sarah’s eyes were wide open, and she could not control her laughter. “What the fuck man?” she continued laughing. “Look at my gadget” he continued, and Sarah facepalmed. He continued mimicking Mickey Mouse, Aladin, Kick Buttowski and he even peep-peeped like the roadrunner. They laughed and made fun while the runtime finished. “Time for battle!” he said. “We have to dub together?” he asked. “Unfortunately!” she said. Both of them walked into the dubbing room as the files and equipment were pre-arranged.

They sat beside each other. It was the first time in Sarah’s life, and she felt embarrassed to fake a few moans in the presence of someone else. She felt like a child going on stage for the first time. She had cold feet. But she fought it and prepared herself. She moaned, he grunt, but in between, they looked at each other. The room was filled with replays of their moans and the scenes of vigorous sex. But it was silence in Sarah’s mind. Her mind ignored all those songs. She started playing Perry Como’s 𝅘𝅥𝅮 Killing me Softly 𝅘𝅥𝅮 in her mind.

His eyes, his smile, and his struggle to grunt in Sarah’s presence; In front of the screening and dubbing for hardcore sex and bad writing, there was something else going on, and it was magical. They finished dubbing, and the producer was listening, looking at them from the editing room. His desire was satisfied. Today’s schedule was completed. It was evening, and they both walked away. They were on the street, but something made them walk slower, and they didn’t wanna go home. Sarah turned back, and so did he. Both smiled. He walked towards her. “Do you like to go out with me? Dinner?” he asked softly. “We met in a porn studio, we moaned together. And that’s how soft you ask me? You sweet, sweet, sweet boy!” she laughed.

“Well, what do you want me to ask you then? That I want to listen to your moans in person?” Adarsh mimicked in producer’s voice funnily. “Well, you can’t. You can never!” she said seriously. “Hey, I was joking, you didn’t recognise the voice. It’s the producer. I really want… I desire to have dinner with you, Sarah, with beautiful eyes” He flirted softly and smiled. She closed her eyes and opened them looking at him. “Only if we got to the BurgerMonarch and order Big burgers” she said “I like them big” Sarah mimicked Madison Ivy, a pornstar. They both laughed. “Big will you get” he said in Yoda’s voice.

In the starry night, under the lamp, they sat in front of each other, just smiling, munching their burgers. While people on the road honked and yelled at each other, they were immersed in their own sweet worlds. They were walking together on the street, engaged in one another. “I was serious when I said you can never hear me moan, Adarsh! Not a real moan” she said. “I know” he said and she was shocked. “We… we saw a lot of sex, Sarah. I know, I understood the moment we talked that you are just like me. Sex, it means nothing to us. I’m asexual too, Sarah. Not just away from it, but the thought of sex repels me. I’m fed up of it. But I never knew I would be romantically active either. I’ve been far away from people all my life. I never thought I would be romantically attached with someone so quick.” He paused, and Sarah’s eyes grew teary. “But You feel something, right? Something magical happening right here?” She said in a crying tone. He blushed and looked at her.

“I guess I have started falling for you” he said. “I always hoped that I would find someone, just like me, far away from sex and like me romantically” Sarah said. “Hope is a funny thing, isn’t it? Even when we are sunk deep into the shithole of the world, we didn’t stop hoping for love.” Adarsh said. “Too soon to say ‘love’, lover boy” Sarah smiled. “Well, I hope to become it soon, I have a big heart and great hope” Adarsh smiled. “You like it big, don’t you?” he mimicked Johnny sins. They both had a great laugh as he walked her home. “See you tomorrow, Adarsh” she said. “Let’s moan together” he smiled as she smiled and went in. Adarsh kept walking with a smile. Sarah was smiling too, she was sleeping peacefully, and even the neighbour’s violent bed thumping didn’t seem like a bother to her.

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