The Change, Of Words.

creative formal man drawing on graphic tablet

It was late at night, Sri is sitting on a chair and writing something with keen interest and a smile. Sri thinks for a while, smiles again and continues writing. It goes on for some time after a while, Sri keeps the pen down leans back, closes eyes and there is some new smile on the face.

It is now morning, Sri need not wake up, feel like shit, get ready and go to the office. It is the office party day. Sri needs to feel like shit in a different way, not the usual way. There will be evil smiles, fake hugs, desperate looks and many more uncomfortable situations. As it was the first party since Sri joined, Sri decides to attend. Sri wakes up late, gets ready and is waiting for the cab to pick up. Finally, the office cab arrives. Siri gets in, plugs in earphones and closes eyes.

The cab finally arrives at the venue. There is rock music playing. People are waiting outside the site. There are a bunch of people sitting there, verifying ID cards of the employees and letting them in. Sri imagines a scene of prisoners identifying themselves and entering in, shakes head in disbelief and goes in. There are complimentary drinks and snacks. Sri takes a sip of coco-cola and is texting a colleague on their location. Sri’s college comes to the party, and they sit at a place and is waiting for the programme to commence. 

After some time, two people come on to the stage. They introduce themselves as hosts for the evening. Here is how Sri is replying to hosts inside her. 

Hosts:  Hey, guys! Why can’t we hear the noise?

Sri: If 1500 people are yelling “hey” and you still can’t hear any noise, I’m sure you need an ENT to get yourselves diagnosed. 

Hosts: So why are we here?

Sri: To play where’s waldo in real life? If you could just turn around, you will see a big banner which has the company name and the name of the event. I’m positive you need an ophthalmologist as well.

Hosts: So are you all excited for the evening? 

Sri: Yeah, we travelled some tens of kilometres, just to see the same faces we see daily and witness a bunch of people doing curricular activities. So yeah pretty excited.

Hosts: Let’s welcome the CEO of the organisation. 

CEO enters the stage.. and some cliche jokes between the CEO and the hosts.

CEO finally takes the mic and speaks, and the conversation continues.

CEO: So guys, how is work? Are we all productive?

Sri: Yeah I heard that you got a new Audi and an international trip last week and there were not many funds for salary hike. So yeah very productive.

CEO:  Are we all working without any stress and having a good time at work?

Sri: Last month, 96 people left the company, and 12 of them were diagnosed with some kind of mental illness, so yeah no stress at all.

CEO: That is good to know. Lets put our hands together to welcome the chairman.

Chairman walks in, and the conversation continues.

Chairman: Hi, guys! I won’t bore you all with same repeated questions. I just hope you all are doing okay.

Sri: Finally! Someone is realistic. I’m happy to hear this.

Chairman: For the last financial year we had a growth of 32%. Isn’t that awesome?

Sri: There was a zero per cent increase in salaries, 5% folks left the company and unemployment in the country has increased by 8.6%, so yeah pretty awesome.

Chairman: As a part of the leadership team, we have few principles to follow. One of the important leadership principles is Frugality.

Sri’s brain stops for a moment and thinks about the sentence ” One of the important leadership principles is frugality.” She opens the phone and tries to find the meaning of the word “Frugality.” As there are many people at a place, the google web pages are prolonged. Sri gets frustrated and is very excited to go home and search for the meaning. The party is over, but Sri’s mind is still on the word.

Sri finally reaches home, powers on the laptop and searches for Frugality. The first sentence in Wikipedia is “Frugality is the quality of being frugal.” Sri thinks “thanks genius, but what is the meaning of Frugal?” and the sentence ” One of the important leadership principles is frugality.” Why is it so important. Sri blames the educational system for not teaching her vocabulary. Finally, Sri finds the meaning Frugality means “the quality of being economical with resources.” Sri is very excited to find the meaning. Not that Sri cares about the leadership principle, but Sri found a new word. Sri starts using the word in many sentences. Sri starts finding new words, and starts exploring writing skills, also wins many awards for the same and finally quits the job she is not happy with.

Now Sri opens eyes where they were closed in the first paragraph. Sri smiles and thinks “Didn’t know that past occurrences appear in dreams when we think and write about them.” Sri’s manager walks in and says “hey Sri, the company has got the cheque of 1 Million dollars, if your writing is done. Is it finished?” Sri smiles again, take the writing and goes to meet them.

From the story above, we can see that Sri has found passion from a single sentence ” One of the important leadership principles is Frugality.” and went on to become one of the best writers. Let us relate the same to the environment we live in 

 According to economic times, only 20% of workers in India are happy with their jobs. This is due to reasons like lack of interest, working to pay the bills or not passionate about the work they do. And according to an experiment from NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) 15-30% of people who work 50+ hours a week have depressive symptoms. 

During the lockdown, many companies are making their employees work 12 hours a day, making 60+ hours a week. Imagine a person not interested in the work they do and is working 60 hours. It is horrible and depressing. He falls in the high-risk category of getting mentally depressed. Trust me, depression is far worse than COVID-19, and we have witnessed many incidents of how depression took away precious lives. 

In the end, if you are not happy with the work you do and really passionate about something. Like Sri, try to find your passion, it can be any where. Once you found it, make time on perceiving it, become better at it and then leave your existing career and take up your passion as a carrier. I understand it is tough at the beginning, but the learning process will make you less depressive as you will be curious to perceive, and the end result will be a lot more remarkable.

Links for reference: 

Economic times:


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