That’s What She Actually Said

black and white black and white depressed depression

By -Gayatri Agarwal

There was a time when we were called deities;
Now we have come to a world;
Where we are just a part of pities.

Every morning we wake;
Every step we take;
It’s considered to be a mistake.
Whether it be;
Wearing a dress of our choice;
Or hanging out with the boys;
Or ever raising our voice.
Everything is just an invite;
To a rape threat;
For they believe;
we should be a silent pet.

For she being bold, comfortable and independent;
Made few dicks feel incompetent;
Because we live in a world;
Where being egoistic is a sign of accomplishment.
Who is to decide on their punishment?
Where even law & order:
Is run by mismanagement.

When are we to live free?
When are we going to be safe?
Is it when we go to our grave?
1950 to 2020, 70 years;
And it’s just been freedom of tears.

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