It Still bugs me!

I observe this every day from my room that happens in the house next to mine.

Sam, wake up!! It’s 7 o’clock; you are running late to school.

Yes, mom!!

Sam got up from the bed with the same low energy, dressed up and went down the stairs.

Grabbed yummy breakfast with some milk and rushed to the bus stop with a school bag which is much heavier than her.


The clock struck 6 o’clock and Sam came from school with an exhausted mood.

She got refreshed, had some snacks. Picked her school bag and sat at the desk and started reading. 

I went to her home for some work.

Her mom called her, and we introduced each other in between her mom went to the kitchen.

We had some random conversation, and in between, she said, “Sister, I don’t even find the point of learning all this outdated syllabus. I mean they were written long back and are not changed apart from the dates and covers of the books. And I don’t understand why my maths sir always peeps into art and games class and takes the class saying maths is more important than all other activities, as if maths is the only thing that rules the world.” 

And that conversation went for a long time till her mom came and said, “Sam, have you completed your homework?” Then she went to her room, and I got back home.


We’ve all been there, like Sam with the same questions and feelings that are never answered and maybe won’t be answered as well.

Even today, I don’t find any changes in the education system. 

And I still don’t get the answer to the question “what is the point of education system?” Well, it bugged me many times when I tried finding a solution and still does the same.

I mean take an android phone, we update it whenever there is a new version if not we find it outdated and useless. Just like this, why can’t our all-mighty syllabus be updated? If the students were taught the syllabus, which is a retention of the information without fully appreciating, understanding and absorbing it, then the students will be outdated or useless like the phone that is not updated.

When I serached for “the practical usage of” some of my questions are auto-filled. Look at the image shown.

These auto-fills say two things : 

Either the students weren’t allowed to ask questions or

The students weren’t taught about the practical use of the concept.

Of course, the students were allowed to ask questions but are marked as silly questions. Let me tell you one thing “There are no stupid/silly questions; there are only silly intentions.”

Coming to the second one that is; teaching practical knowledge. I can say that the word PRACTICAL is limited to the labs which are less used because I heard the least about the practical use in class since the teachers’ job is to complete the syllabus no matter whether the students get their point or not. 

And I don’t understand “Why Art and sports are not so important?”

We have all been there when maths teacher shows up and takes the art or sports period saying they aren’t going to feed you in future. We accept it because we couldn’t utter a word against maths sir.

I still find this and feel, why don’t they still understand the importance of art and sports. 

Let’s take the pictures in the textbooks; they are very well placed according to the topic because students will understand it much better, and many presentations by teachers include images that are related to the topic. Have you ever felt the importance of art while adding the pictures? I mean art is an integral part, that makes one present their thoughts or create a visuality even for hypothetical situations to make learning in a better way. Art is the form where students can show their creativity, put their ideas in visuals be it practically possible or not. If they aren’t allowed to create something, how could they expect them to be creative in future?

Well, some things like grade system, detentions etc. etc. are never going to change because that is how the system is made and the Metathesiophobia can never be gone. Wondering what Metathesiophobia is? You can already find it, i.e. the one that doesn’t like to change.

Still, it bugs me whenever I think to find the answer to,

“What is the point of our education system?” 

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