The darker it DARK?

silhouette of man standing against black and red background

Sorry I am claustrophobic
And that’s how I know I am stuck
In the built structure of this body
I have been thinking all along
How am I here at all
Was I forcefully trapped into this?
Or it is just another mistake by the universe?
I have wandered through the world
And travelled through the sky
Neither I found the escape
Nor the answer for why
How could I sustain this?
How far the frustrating journey?
Is all I have in my head
Whenever I look into the eyes of the mirror
To what ends is your mystery?
What do you crave?
Is there really a meaning to this?
Is why the man evolved from the cave?
To the questions and thoughts unanswered
All I wanted was an escape
The constant reminder is the end
Where we all can finally rest
I was in a hurry to reach
I tried the shortcuts possible
Little did I know what it is
To have a shortcut to the end
Painful and scary was all the way
Wish I had stopped that day
But today here I am at the end
What foolish was I to not understand that
The end is the beginning; the beginning is the end.

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