Your planet needs you – #PaperBagDay

brown paper bags

With the green bedspread;
And a blue blanket on top;
Mother Earth has been a beautiful stop.
But it’s all fading away;
With all the plastic on the bay;
Earth has a price to pay.

Look around you;
The ocean is losing its hue;
And the land is nowhere to be renewed.
Air, water, soil, noise;
The pollution has taken away it’s joy;
A fabulous gift we have give back to Earth;
Who has given us shelter& food since birth.

Reuse, recycle and reduce;
Or else we will have the most to lose;
Take a step & make a difference;
For Earth is a serene ambience.
A small step would count a lot;
So let’s not leave the environment to rot;
Switch to paper bags and say no to plastic;
For there’s only one Earth;
and we got to keep it sustainably fantastic.

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