An Involuntary Function That Unites All Humans.

grayscale photo of women in line

By – Mourya Koundinya

In the world of 7.8  billion people spread across 197 countries, there are very few things that unite us. We have divided ourselves based on nationality, creed, race, region, religion and many many more reasons. Few things join all the people around us to the core. You may say money, responsibility, lifestyle, etc.. These things unite some part of the people to share opinions and bring change to the ones who are being mistreated. These combine people and are limited to a specific section or some part of the world population. 

 Some involuntary forces unite the whole world, but we do not recognize them as they are unintentional. They are also considered as driving forces. They are love, care and hope. Trust me I’m not going to take you over a philosophical or cinematic cliche that we all hear or heard in our lives. I’m going to tell you some real-life scenarios where all of us have come across at a certain point of life.

Let us consider a scenario in which a person who is walking on the road goes unconscious. People around him saw the same, and one of them is slapping on his cheek, one of them is pouring water on his face, one of them is getting an acidic drink ( like carbonated water), one is calling an ambulance, one is giving a CPR so and so forth. All the people who are working in that scenario is only for one thing, to save his life. They know nothing about the person who went unconscious, and this feeling is the involuntary force I’m talking about. You can call it to care or love. The reason I’m calling it involuntary is that if people helped each and everyone around them voluntarily, trust me, the world would have been a much batter place. 

We give way to ambulance or other emergency services, hoping it would help people who are suffering. We feel sad for a moment for some random news where it shows a person has lost their life or being abused in any form. In the present scenario, we are daily hoping that this pandemic goes away soon and the people affected by it recovers as quickly as possible. 

You may have a question in mind, Why has this become involuntary? There are a few reasons for that. Few of them are fear, carelessness and glorifying a good deed.

Fear:  Fear because few people think they are not friendly and might be mean to them; few may laugh at them. 

Carelessness: Carelessness because they believe some other person will help them, why should I care? And so on and so forth. 

Glorifying a good deed: Now this is very important because we humans are meant to be helpful to be each other. It is our responsibility; there is nothing special about it. There is nothing wrong with sharing your good deeds with other people. In fact, it inspires others to take part in it. But if we glorify it, it makes it unique, and more people will not show interest as they don’t want to be in the zone. 

In the end, help the people around you as much as you can with your conscious. Let us pave a remarkable and beautiful way for our future generations.

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