Corporate Slavery..Shh!! Cut it..Fancy 9-7 Job

By- Mourya Koundinya

It is a typical day for Munna. He wakes up, brushes his teeth, takes a bath and gets ready for office. He is sitting on his couch and waiting for his cab. Then his phone rings, and it is the cab driver.

Driver: “Hello, lazy ass! I’m here to take you as usual, as you cannot move your ass to the office. Where are you whining?”

Munna: “Excuse me! I’m paying for the cab from the salary. What kind of language is this? I will complain to your supervisor.”

Driver: “Yeah your 4000 helped me build a mansion on the moon, thanks for that. Now I’m terrified that you will complain! Stop being a bitch come down.”

Munna startles for a second and goes down to get in the cab. Munna stares at the cab driver with an annoying look.

Driver: “Dude, wipe off that look of that face. It’s like you are horny and looking at me. I’m straight, just shut up and sit.”

Munna ignores that as he has an urgent meeting. He starts focusing on that. He reaches the office and goes into his cabin. One of his colleagues comes and greets him.

Colleague: “Hey, attention-seeker! I have heard that you have prepared other presentations as well. No matter how much you shoot, you won’t get promoted.”

Munna: “Dude! What’s wrong with you? Why are you using such language? You always praised me for being one step ahead, right?”

Colleague: “Yeah, I forgot that I’m mother Teresa of the office that I should only speak formally, and trust me no ones gives a damn on how many steps ahead you are.”

In the meantime, the manager walks in and asks everyone to attend the meeting.

Manager: “Hello slaves, I don’t give a rats ass on how is your day or how are you doing. We have some rich guy, who wants to spend money and get himself a project done. So that he can publish that he is doing something to help people, but in reality, he earns much more. I don’t give a rats ass on how you want to work on this or how you want to enjoy this. Get it done by three months so that you can continue the slavery, and we get more money. If you have any questions, you can fold them and shove them. Get the hell out of here.”

Munna is entirely puzzled and couldn’t understand even one bit on what is going on. Then the manager calls Munna to introduce him to the CEO.

Manager: “Hey, baldy CEO, your IQ is as high as the hair on your head. Meet the whiny bitch and attention seeker of the group, Munna.”

CEO: “Hello, Munna, I don’t remember you nor will in the future. I don’t care about how you feel working for this company. By the way, do you see that fancy car over there? I just got it.

Munna clears his throat and continues.

Munna: “Yes, sir, My dream is to work hard, become like you and buy all this fancy stuff, sir.”

CEO: ” By working here you want to achieve that? Lol, I ride your ass, and by next year I will use your hard work to earn butt load of money and buy another one.”

Munna stands there in complete disbelief. And then there is a sound of the alarm. It was a dream, Munna chuckles for a moment and thinks “At least the dream is honest!” He wakes up and gets ready for work. Then his phone rings and its the driver.

Driver: “Good morning, sir! Are you coming to the office today?

If the above story is relatable while you read, then my friend you are or have been a part of the norm which runs slavery legally, also known as “Corporate Slavery.” where fakeness is presented as being kind, and people become patriotic to the company.

In the end, work for the company to pay your bills. Never become patriotic to it and parrot to your own life.

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