Do you know your partner’s love language?

By- Gaytari Agarwal

Why do we see so many heartbreaks now than ever? What is it that’s lacking? What are the signals we don’t understand? Love is a beautiful feeling, and we can’t deny that, but we always see people running behind people and love. If the love is pure, why does one need to run behind it? Nothing can indeed be forced, and it applies to love as well.

So what’s with the failed love stories and incompatibility? 

Are you and your partner speaking the same love language? If not talk. But do you both understand each other’s love language?

You may ask what love language is, it’s understanding and decoding the different ways of showing the love that will help you grow and nurture your relationship. 

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There are five love languages:

1. Acts of Service: Which means your partner believes in – ‘actions speak louder than words’. Wherein, one needs to understand that the best way to express love to them would be by doing something with them or for them. It can be the smallest of things like – cleaning together or cooking a meal with them wherein the acts are done with positivity and happiness of both the partners.

2. Words of Affirmation: This is precisely the opposite of acts of service. The best way to express to your partner whose language is this would be through words: Words of encouragement, praise, appreciation or a simple question which would show care.

3. Receiving Gifts: A lot of people get this wrong by taking it in terms of ‘materialism’, but that’s not what this is about. It can be a small, straightforward and thoughtful gift to make your partner feel loved. It can be something you have made by yourself for them or got their favourite food on their low day.

That’s how it’s different from Act of Service, wherein the acts are done to help your partner.

4. Physical Touch: The best way to express your love to a partner who speaks thing language would be through physical touch; wherein along with emotional connect there needs to be a physical contact without which the partner would feel a void. No words/actions can do what you can do for your partner just by being there and holding their hand.

5. Quality Time: Ever made your partner feel that you aren’t present with them mentally, despite being right in front of them? That’s precisely what we are talking about here. The partners who speak the language of ‘quality time’ need you to be there for them and only them when time be. They feel comforted and safe, knowing that you have ‘us’ time planned for them wherein there are no interruptions or distractions. 

So these are the 5 love languages, it’s essential for you to understand their love language and for you to showcase your love language to your partner. We can’t always expect them to understand things. You have to share it and tell them; this is how I feel loved the most’; after all, relationships are all about being honest, open and togetherness, aren’t they? Little things matter and those little things would indeed matter the most when they are in your partner’s love language. Won’t they? Can you imagine the smile that would bring on their face?

What’s compatibility at the end of the day? It’s understanding of each other’s love language and making stronger bonds.

 This one is for all the lovers out there, who are still hesitating to speak about this. Go please forward this to your partner and hint them this topic of conversation 😉

 P.S. Spread love and feel loved!

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