India to Me!

I still remember the speeches I used to give during my school days, college days, and I even gave a speech during my graduation. Back then, I used to say that India is a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic and Republic country where the government is of the people, by the people and for the people. The land where unity is found in diversity, and blah….blah….blah like many of us told. Well, in graduation, I made a small change like I want to see my country as the DEVELOPED country from a DEVELOPING country and also a little bit about corruption, what not! I had told many things, man. Many things! But now all these speeches and ideas about India feel like crap….which had no sense probably!

Because to me, India is the place;
Where for every hour 4 rapes are happening, Oh! Sorry, only 4 cases are being registered.
Where people are afraid of walking alone during nights, sorry not people, it’s WOMEN!!
Where people are not supposed to raise their voice against mistakes, but it states people failed to use Freedom of speech and expression.
Where it tries hard to eradicate poverty; Sorry, only worked to build walls to cover slums.
Where it has a pledge saying, “ALL INDIANS ARE EQUAL.” Sorry, it’s only a pledge; everyone is not equal because they do not have the same caste.
Where it talks about equal opportunities; Sorry equal opportunities include reservation system.
Where it is the most unsafe country for women; Because not every woman is BHARAT MATA.
Where it says, it has the best education system; Sorry, that doesn’t include practical knowledge.
Where there are many graduates; Sorry it can’t employ all graduates.
Where we see police everywhere, but Sorry you can’t find justice because it is lost with time.
Where it will react to all the problems, but only in social media and only for hardly 2-3 days.
And maybe I will not see any change in it, because India is not ready for changes. Sorry even if they are ready, they will be suppressed as before and remain as a developing country.

And one more thing despite all these things, we still say India as a Secular, Democratic, Republic, socialistic country because we are INDIANS and we always follow what is taught to us and don’t give a shit about the reality.

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