‘Give it time’, it’s said for a reason

By – Gayatri Agarwal

Time is the only constant reality of life that never stops for anybody. But does that mean it’s ever too late to do anything? 

 Don’t have your life figured out at 25? It’s okay! Don’t know what your future hold by 30? It’s okay!

Indeed, time never stops for anyone, but it’s also true that we don’t always have to run a race in our lives. It’s perfectly fine to make time and give yourself time to understand what, how and why. And this process doesn’t happen overnight. You will gradually figure out how everything that happens has an equal and opposite reaction for your better future.

Every loss, every failure, every closed door and everything that you ever wanted and didn’t get is a blessing in disguise.

 At age 17, she was rejected from college.

 At 25-26, lost her mom to disease and had a miscarriage.

 At 28, got divorced from an abusive husband and went into severe depression.

 At 31, she wanted to commit suicide.

But she stopped and did what instead? Decided to put her passion into that one thing she loved doing; WRITING!

 Any guesses who this lady was? If you have got it right, kudos to you 😉

For the others, this woman is J.K. Rowling! The owner of the global brand – Harry Potter!

So what changed? Her mindset! Remember how she was planning to commit suicide at 31? 20+ years down the lane, and now she is right in front of us, as a live example as to where positivity, confidence and trust in oneself can take us. 

Any loss? Any pain? Time does not wait for anyone, but only because it does not wait, it’s known to be the best healer. There’s no rushing into anything! ‘Haste is the mother of imperfection’, this is said for a reason a damn good one.

Are you feeling pressurized by people? But have you ever thought that if you do something because you feel pressurized, you are living your life for them and not yourself? So do you want your life to be a reflection of someone else? So why feel the pressure? Why rush into things? If not tomorrow, fortnight if not fortnight, it might take months, but it will happen and do take a selfie of that smile the day it does 😉 

Celebrate your growth! In failures and even in success, because every downfall is a rollercoaster to tomorrow’s steep triumph! 

And about time, you can always cheat and take the batteries off the clock for some time! 😉

Published by penfluky

Writing is not a skill acquired through practice. Not for us, at least. Writing is a phenomenon that occurred to us when we wanted to shout our thoughts out. It happened when our brains formed a labyrinth of thoughts with no way out. The only way was to break the walls, the walls we constructed in our minds—the walls which stopped us from letting ourselves out. We broke the barriers using the mightiest weapon, the pen. Writing was our way out of that maze. Words and sentences flowed like a stream of some river, which consisted of A2Z instead of H2O. Soon the river filled the brain and the labyrinth was not visible anymore.

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