To the lost & found lover

By – Gayatri Agarwal

I believe;
You will relive.
A love lost today;
Is a lesson for tomorrow;
So why feel all the sorrow?

Mornings bring with them sunshine;
So darling;
It’s time for a new Valentine.
But why look for someone else?
When you have got you - yourself.
Make mistakes, learn and grow;
For now, it is not the time to go to a burrow.
A broken heart teaches you a lot;
So open your arms and say;
Hey, it’s a beautiful day.

If it’s right for you;
It will come to you;
For what’s meant will find its way;
Until then;
Just dance your worries away.

A heavy heart feels like a burden;
But something lost is the blessing of a guardian.
So dwell over it for today;
For tomorrow is a new day;
And you will find someone worthy someday.

I believe in you;
I care for you;
Because people like you are very few;
And that my friend;
Is not a matter on which we can argue.

Published by penfluky

Writing is not a skill acquired through practice. Not for us, at least. Writing is a phenomenon that occurred to us when we wanted to shout our thoughts out. It happened when our brains formed a labyrinth of thoughts with no way out. The only way was to break the walls, the walls we constructed in our minds—the walls which stopped us from letting ourselves out. We broke the barriers using the mightiest weapon, the pen. Writing was our way out of that maze. Words and sentences flowed like a stream of some river, which consisted of A2Z instead of H2O. Soon the river filled the brain and the labyrinth was not visible anymore.

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