To the lost & found lover

By – Gayatri Agarwal

I believe;
You will relive.
A love lost today;
Is a lesson for tomorrow;
So why feel all the sorrow?

Mornings bring with them sunshine;
So darling;
It’s time for a new Valentine.
But why look for someone else?
When you have got you - yourself.
Make mistakes, learn and grow;
For now, it is not the time to go to a burrow.
A broken heart teaches you a lot;
So open your arms and say;
Hey, it’s a beautiful day.

If it’s right for you;
It will come to you;
For what’s meant will find its way;
Until then;
Just dance your worries away.

A heavy heart feels like a burden;
But something lost is the blessing of a guardian.
So dwell over it for today;
For tomorrow is a new day;
And you will find someone worthy someday.

I believe in you;
I care for you;
Because people like you are very few;
And that my friend;
Is not a matter on which we can argue.

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