Why do we exist? For what purpose?

What is the purpose? What is it that we are chasing? Our goals, desires and wanting, are they defining our purpose? When we were kids, “All I need is this video game, nothing else” we thought. But did we stop with the video game? If we finally grabbed it, the desire is achieved. A new desire is allocated to our brain. If we never had the chance to grab it, it falls in the soon-to-be achieved bucket list we create in our minds. But, in either case, you never stopped desiring.

These desires, they define your purpose, keep you busy in trying to achieve them. And once you have achieved that, you automatically start desiring something else; the never-ending loop of human desire.

Even our natural desires by instinct, hunger, and sex too are recurring. You eat fully, yet fall hungry; you need the synthesised energy to exist. You have sex, you feel euphoric, yet you want it again after a while. It’s your body fooling you to have sex! Why sex? Why does one love the activity of procreation so much? If sex was not pleasurable, would a person do it? Wouldn’t it be gross to touch one’s own phallus? Let alone putting it into a vulva!

We have evolved into what we are through natural and artificial selections. Artificial selections are human-made, and Natural selection is the survival of the fittest. The fittest doesn’t mean strongest; it means the one who adapts and survives all the conditions that change. Adaption is the reason why we exist.

Aeons ago, a random event caused atmosphere on earth, and a cell had formed. Had the cell not been adaptive, had the cell not created a way to synthesise energy and replicate itself into duplicate cells. We would not have been here, neither would I write this post, nor would you be reading it. It’s all because one cell decided to do something no other cell ever did. Well, it was not a conscious decision, but it happened.

But for us humans, we are conscious. We are here on earth, and we are very complex. We home 37 trillions of cells now, and we have an interface called consciousness; we are self-aware that is. We have the will and freedom to choose. We see, hear, feel, and form opinions with the data received through senses. If the purpose of the cell was to adapt, what is the purpose of a being with 37.2 trillion cells? 

It is safe to say that the cell was selfish, not consciously, but it had to preserve itself. It didn’t want to lose its existence. It replicated copies of itself, and it still existed in the replications even after perishing. ‘Self-preserving’ was its purpose. It has to make sure that it will reproduce and preserves itself.

Now is it what we do? We were sperms and eggs of someone, and we want our sperms and eggs to incubate. The DNA we have has something genetic memory. The first-ever human being, or beings, when reproduced, their DNA is passed onto their infants, their genetic memory is passed on to next generations. We carry the memory of our great ancestors. They live in us in the form of genes! They still exist even after they have perished. We carry their genes, and we reproduce to pass it on. We are preserving ours and our ancestor’s existence. 

That’s our ultimate purpose, technically; to reproduce! That’s what we all are here for, to have kids! Now, this might sound like a dumb theory because many of us don’t or can’t have kids. That’s were defects and choices take over. The advantage of this interface called consciousness gives us options. We can choose or not choose to reproduce. Some are born with defects making them impotent to reproduce. Our evolution has let us so advance that we can now reproduce even though we have defects. No matter how silly that might sound, biologically, our only purpose is to keep on existing by creating copies of ourselves.

All the other desires are for us to be alive. If there are no desires and you realise that there is no higher purpose, why would you live, and what for? The familial ties, the emotions, desires, and the never-ending pursuit of happiness exist because, without that tangle, we would never be diverted from the void of purposelessness. Everything we have created keeps us busy from thinking about the oblivion. We don’t want to think about the end; we obsessively want that toe massager we saw online, we got to earn some money to possess it. We give ourselves little purposes to live the day. There exist higher purposes, like dreams and goals. 

Without them, would we even look into the future?
Without love, would we ever unite? 
Without pleasure, would we ever copulate?

 Everything is a show-off, a diversion created through natural and artificial selections. We have created everything to keep us deviated from the nullness. We delude ourselves in the endless chase of achieving the dreams till we finally perish, but we still exist. We exist as data, a memory that has passed down. It’s like a memoir; an autobiography passed to next generations for their adaption and survival through conditions. Hence, when all the psychological purposes are stripped down to basic biology, it just looks like we are agents that pass on the existence of our that single-celled ancestor. We are agents of self-preservation. Our sole purpose is to reproduce and should you or can you are dependent on you. The freedom of choice we have achieved through natural selection has its disadvantages too. 

We choose to end the lineage being passed on. 
We don't see a reason to reproduce. 
We have invented measures for pleasures, avoiding reproduction. 
We can enjoy the pleasurable moment of sex and not have offsprings. 

Our purpose is long solved, or we don’t want to solve it. The final destination, the goals our life are just constructs of our mind. On a whole cosmical level, we are and have nothing. The purposelessness is to be accepted and spoken more than fearing it. It might creep you out that you were just an accident. It is not to be scared but embraced. In all those years of unevolved consciousness and under-developed sense of choice, we are here, you and I. We have the power of choice. If every purpose and desire is just biological deception, and if it makes you happy or keeps you chasing for happiness, what’s wrong in doing it? Just because you know that love is just a chemical reaction, doesn’t mean you don’t need such deception.

If it keeps you happy, even for an instant, why would you not make it your purpose? Why should you not consciously create your own purpose? Why should you not have all the fun before you perish? 

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