Are we really human?

By – Gayatri Agarwal

 Are we really human? 
 I demand to ask, 
 For it seems like everyone’s wearing a mask.
 Actions speak louder than words,
 Was what I was taught;
 But the recent actions have got us all distraught.

 Killing an unborn animal and it’s mom;
 With a cracker that went boom;
 Our humanity is crashing to its doom.
 When will we really open our eyes?
 To understand what is it to give, share and sacrifice.
 Are we really human?
 Or we are just tuman.

 Burning a girl alive;
 Pushing people to commit suicide;
 Has humanity in us gone to hide?
 With solidarity, we must thrive,
 But from where I see,
 Empathy doesn’t even survive.

 Police, we thought were superheroes,
 Their recent actions have gotten them to zero.
 Killing a son and father to vent out frustration?
 What has happened to our Nation?
 When will we get our Liberation?
 Now is the generation;
 Which will give out its opinion;
 So let’s voice out to the millions;
 And ask them;
 Are we really humans?

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