An overheard letter

By Samhitha Dulam

My dear beautiful girl!!!
I want you to be LOUD because I know how it feels when someone gives you a LOUSY touch;
I want you to wear COURAGE because this society always JUDGE you by the clothes you wear;
I want you to LOVE your SOUL not BODY because society always makes FUN of your BODY CURVES;
I want you to be BOLD, bold enough to FUCK the judgements made by society;
I want you to be LIBERAL, liberal enough to ACCEPT this society,
Society, that talks about EQUALITY and shows INEQUALITY;
I want your arms up, arms up with flags about the rights of women not just with the word FEMINISM;
I want you to be BROAD-MINDED because this society believes that virginity is lost only when one makes out but doesn't know that one lose hymen while involving in physical activities other than sex.
Please treat all men equally, my girl!
Because society made men always to overrule women,
They are also victims of this society just like you and me;
Be so PASSIONATE, my girl, So passionate that you overrule the rule of women being in the kitchen;
I want you to have more and more…..
Because you can't live in this society;
The society that doesn't know
How to treat a girl;
Not to judge a girl by what she wears.
The society that compares you
To Goddess but treats and calls you a slut or whore.
A whore if you are not so readily available and
A slut if you go quickly with men.
The society that makes you
Shut your mouth even if you are fucked
because it believes that GIRLS shouldn't be loud!!
The society that calls you
A bitch or A bossy Feminist because you raised your voice,
The voice that pointed out their mistakes.
The society that doesn't blame
The one who fucks or rapes you but blames you;
Because you are the GIRL who walked alone during nights!
Woah, what society it is my girl!
As told feel proud to have this kind of society.
Come on my girl, cheers…..we are living in a good society.
A big round of applause to the society that says "SAVE GIRLS CHILD"…"Support FEMINISM"…"Empower women"…"Treat women equally along with men but did nothing apart from judging her.
Feel blessed my girl….feel blessed!

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