Feeling stuck with forgiveness? Not anymore!

By – Gayatri Agarwal

How many times in life were you not able to move forward? Or felt stuck?
Many times, isn’t it? Why is that? That’s because we cling to our past. To stick to one’s past in life is like putting your feet inside a bog.
What is it that will make one want to let go of the past? It’s the simple act of forgiveness.
The art of forgiveness lies not in forgetting but in letting go off the anger or guilt for someone or yourself. To grow and move forward in life, one must realize, forgive and let go off things.

‘It isn’t easy to forgive.’
‘It’s easier said than done.’
But at the end of the day weren’t we taught nothing comes easy? And if it has come quickly, it will go away sooner than one realizes. Negativity, resentment, hatred, anger…why let them reside in our brain without any rent, especially when they aren’t even adding to your growth? Why let the garbage live in our minds when we can substitute it with other overwhelming virtues of life?
There will come many instances where people will wrong you or harm you because that’s one of the basic teachings of life. So when one does that, what do we do? We think about it almost all the time and form negative thoughts and resentment towards them. Is that what we are supposed to do? No, most definitely not!
So let’s accept that world will be what it has always been and extract the learning from every wrong or harm caused to us. That’s their behaviour and their choice, but for us? Why do we be a part of the negativity?
By learning to let go off things, you are making yourself open to the positive energies that add on to your growth.

Okay, ask yourself only one question today – ‘What was the feeling you felt when someone forgave you?’
Didn’t you feel the rush of happiness, relief and positivity in that very moment?
Ever thought why you felt that? That’s because what you sow is what you reap.
Today you forgive someone, and someone else will forgive you tomorrow. It’s the simple mechanism of exchange of positivity.

So let’s go back to the past for one last time and find closure in all the acts which weren’t forgiven. By forgiving someone, we are not doing them a favour, but it’s for ourselves and our minds that we are doing it. It’s a beautiful virtue, once you learn to forgive & let go off something that doesn’t add on to your self-development.

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