Is Everyone Eligible To Marry And Have Kids?

By – Mourya Koundinya

There are a few aspects which are not given much limelight but will create a significant impact and bigger implications. Such big that it may lead to depression and even ending a life in a few cases. The topic we have now is one of them. The problems may not be discussed as much due to many reasons, which include religion, creed, normalisation of the issue and many more. But we will talk this on a more prominent role which is Humanism.

Coming from India, which is the second most populated country in the world. Let us discuss the condition here as I can be more transparent. The divorce rate in India is 7.4% which is one of the lowest in world countries. But Every third woman in India suffers sexual, Physical Violence at Home. The numbers are far apart, which indicates there is something to the story. Coming to conceiving children, in India if you are married and do not have a child, you are declared impotent, and its get worst with questions thrown at you. 36% of children in India face some form of child sexual abuse in the house, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. It gets worse if we include other psychological aspects.

Imagine this scenario, A person with his family goes to a girl’s house. He and his family sit there stalking like a creep. Then the girl walks in wrapped up in a saree with her head down. She has a tray of beverages in hand. Steps up to the family to serve them the drinks and sit there, and she is judged while the looks eat her heart away. And suddenly there comes some odd questions, ” Do you know how to cook?” ” Do you dance or sing?”. No one ever asks ” are you comfortable with this?” “Are you okay to marry now?” How can you judge someone’s personality by her cooking and music skills? Imagine what goes in girls’ mind. Isn’t she a person who wants to become successful and fulfil her dreams? And even the girl’s parents are showing her as an object. They think we are doing a big favour by performing a marriage, not caring about their child is where the eligibility of having kids comes into the picture.

Talking about eligibility if you are a man who comes from the household described above, with a fit body and earning well, it doesn’t make you eligible for marriage. If money made a person better in terms of personality and character, trust me, the world would have been a very worst place, even to survive. If you are mature enough to understand that marriage is a responsibility, and you will be with her and take care of her as much possible and treat her as a person and not an object then you might be eligible for marriage. The things stated above may seem like small things that can be done by anyone, but trust me if we see a person as a person and mainly woman as a person, the world would have been a much better place.

Coming to eligibility for kids, this is a more significant responsibility than marriage because the child’s mind is the most delicate thing in the world, once it is damaged in any way, it creates such massive trauma that they cannot forget till the end. It will cause such huge complications that it may end up taking their life. According to a study from Oxford, 21% of schizophrenic cases are due to child abuse. If a person is not financially stable, do not have an average household ( where a person is treated as a person), is psychologically not stable. Those who cannot understand the feelings of people around him, who cannot treat a girl child and a boy child with the same love and care must not be allowed to have children.

Finally, I want to conclude by saying if a person is disturbed in life, he doesn’t have any right to disturb others life by being part of their life and they shouldn’t bring new life to this already twisted world, abuse them, turn them like him and repeat the cycle.

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