Let’s celebrate fitness for a healthier tomorrow

By- Gayatri Agarwal

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Fitness, a term everyone understands but never really pay attention to! In the upgrading and fast-moving world, where new technology comes up every fortnight, we have become so comfortable with the life wherein we want to put in the least physical effort. The technology has simplified many physical challenging or demanding tasks, but it’s also making us lazy and less fit. 

Our ability to carry out daily tasks and routine physical activities without undue fatigue is called physical fitness. But how many times do we actually do our work by ourselves? Physical fitness is much more than doing our job; it’s about building our endurance, strength and keeping our heart healthy throughout.

Your body is your best friend and your home. So it is our responsibility to keep our home clean, full of positivity and strength, isn’t it? Because at the end of the day, that’s the place you are going to live all your life. One should take care of their body as if it were their home. For example, when you see that your home is breaking down from places, the first thing we do is to get it fixed rather than deteriorate the condition from bad to worse. So, why not do the same with our body? When we cling on to bad habits like smoking, alcohol, etc. we know that in the long run, it’s only going to deteriorate our health. So why don’t we fix our habits and keep our body clean and in good condition?

Your body needs you to the most whether it’s yesterday, today or tomorrow. It’s forever going to need YOU, and it’s your responsibility to do the best for it. Living a fit and healthy life is an important goal now more than before, as we have a clearer picture of how an unhealthy lifestyle can impact our everyday lives.

The best part is that now, it’s easier than ever to find resources for a healthier life. With all the information available online, leading a healthy life would be a piece of cake if you have the determination and focus for it. We all know that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, so what are we waiting for now? We know how to keep our mind positive. 

So let’s all come together for our selves and move towards a healthier life. Because your one step towards fitness today can help reduce or mitigate the risk of any diseases trying to come close to your tomorrow.

It can even be 10 minutes to start with, use those 10 minutes to the maximum and see the happiness and confidence you will feel once you are done. We are in this fit tomorrow, together!

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